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Filling station for diesel-compliant special fuels
(green fuel from recycled raw materials)
One tank container is the … Read More

When filling gas stations, it happens again and again that tanks are overfilled and overflow. … Read More

Our double-walled day tanks TTD are made of stainless steel or steel with internal coating. … Read More

In warm regions of the world, microbial infestation of fuel stores repeatedly leads to major … Read More

20ft compact filling station for diesel with roof module

20ft compact gas station with attached … Read More

Steel flood tank
Extra narrow steel tank for use in flood areas

KTD-F-1600 Special
1,600 liters
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Safety features part 6: vacuum leak detector instead of liquid detector
Krampitz tanks and tank containers … Read More

Fully insulated steel storage tank for storing diesel
Diesel storage tank KTD-F-20-Ti (thermo-insulated) as a special … Read More

Double-walled methanol tank with an operating pressure of 1.5 bar

Solid construction with a machine … Read More

Thermally insulated two-chamber tank KTD-F-7500 Special

Two-chamber tank thermally insulated
Tank chamber 1 approx. 5000 … Read More

Diesel tank container KTD-F-20000 thermally insulated with protective cabinet and installed Z-PK pump combination for … Read More

Safety features part 5: emergency stop switch
All Krampitz tank containers have emergency stop switches. With … Read More

Krampitz with exhibition truck and tank containers in Japan
The Krampitz company is presented with a … Read More

Krampitz KTE-F Spezial – urea storage tank
Stainless steel tank 12000 liters of urea in the … Read More

Micro filling station KCS-5000 for filling vehicles and construction machines with diesel
The KCS-5000 filling station … Read More

CENTAUR-3000: Diesel, petrol, and kerosene tank systems on container platforms
20ft open container platforms equipped to … Read More

Safety features part four anti-siphon valve
Mechanical anti-siphon valves are installed as standard in all Krampitz … Read More

Flat storage tank made of steel as generator base tank

A flat storage tank made of … Read More

Steel urea storage tank with thermal insulation

Steel tank for urea storage (KTD-F-UR) with a … Read More

Double-walled steel diesel storage tank with thermal insulation
The KTD-F-96 is a double-walled steel storage tank … Read More

Storage tank for fresh oil and waste oil for use as a stacking unit in … Read More

A large amount of space is required for storage tanks. This is a problem for … Read More

Krampitz Overhead steel tanks “TTE-300 special” with catch basin
Machine tanks (day tanks/supply tanks) set up … Read More

Krampitz large tank farm before test setup in the factory
Test setup for the final inspection … Read More

Flood-proof diesel storage tank type 40ft HC-HW
This diesel storage tank is a flood-proof design for … Read More

Krampitz Chemical Waste Collector KCWC-20000
Automatic chemical collector for liquid chemical media
Automatic chemical collectors for liquid … Read More

Krampitz fuel station containers in Japan
This article about fuel station containers, which featured on Japanese … Read More

Safety Features Part 3 Lightning Protection
All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for extremely flammable media … Read More

Quo vadis, petrol station: Where are you going?
The evolution of the car led to the … Read More

The latest generation of oil supply system – type IDEAL
Oil supply system IDEAL for the … Read More

Tanks and filling system solutions
Modern state-of-the-art tanks and filling system solutions for liquid fuels, mineral … Read More

Krampitz Safety Features Part 2: Switches and Lamps, EX
All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for … Read More

Generator belly tanks – the KTD-FL tank series
KTD-FL-Mini – the mini bellys
The new KTD-FL-Mini tank … Read More

Tank container series KCU “Universal”

The universal filling stations are most suitable for commercial filling … Read More

Tank container series KCC “Compact”

The compact filling stations are our middle class model. Suitable … Read More

Tank container series KCS “Smart”

The smart filling stations are our smallest filling stations. Perfectly … Read More

Krampitz Tank container series: Smart, Compact, Universal

Whether a small company filling station or a … Read More

Workshop and office container for a boat filling station

ISO container
workshop room
office space
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Storage tank KTD-F 1000 liters of urea
The smallest member of the KTD-F storage tank family

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Extra-large storage tank / process tank for crude oil and other water-polluting media


Modern professional crude … Read More

Gas station container series
Concept presentation: gas station container
Krampitz Petrol Station Systems for the Fuel Supply … Read More

Supply of internal combustion engines
Concept presentation: professional supply of internal combustion engines with fuel, engine … Read More

Construction site units series
Concept presentation: construction site units
Krampitz tanks, machine tanks and equipment platforms for … Read More

The future of fuel stations are unmanned gas station container
Assembled and connected within a few … Read More

Modern industrial machine and plant construction with preassembled machine and plant containers for worldwide exportKrampitz … Read More

Special double-walled high-cube storage tanks for installation in large power plants
Storage tank container for storing … Read More

Krampitz tank container as a boat filling station

Medium: diesel
Volume: 13.35m³
Calibratable fuel dispenser … Read More

– double-walled steel tank
– Two-chamber tank