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Krampitz with exhibition truck and tank containers in Japan
The Krampitz company is presented with a trade fair truck and tank containers at trade fairs and … Read More

Krampitz KTE-F Spezial – urea storage tank
Stainless steel tank 12000 liters of urea in the final equipment before thermal insulation.

Micro filling station KCS-5000 for filling vehicles and construction machines with diesel
The KCS-5000 filling station system is a joint product from Krampitz and Hectronic.

Hectronic supplies … Read More

CENTAUR-3000: Diesel, petrol, and kerosene tank systems on container platforms
20ft open container platforms equipped to hold 3,000 litre tanks

20ft open container platforms with a … Read More

Safety features part four anti-siphon valve
Mechanical anti-siphon valves are installed as standard in all Krampitz petrol stations.
But what is the anti-siphon valve for?
We see that … Read More

Flat storage tank made of steel as generator base tank

A flat storage tank made of steel “KTD-FL 40ft Spezial” (Krampitz Flunder) with a centrally arranged … Read More

Steel urea storage tank with thermal insulation

Steel tank for urea storage (KTD-F-UR) with a volume of 40,000 liters
with urea-resistant inner coating and outer … Read More

Double-walled steel diesel storage tank with thermal insulation
The KTD-F-96 is a double-walled steel storage tank with thermal insulation for the storage of diesel.

The diesel storage … Read More

Storage tank for fresh oil and waste oil for use as a stacking unit in a gas engine power plant.
The fresh oil tank “KTD-6000 Special” … Read More

A large amount of space is required for storage tanks. This is a problem for many producers. Not enough space? – Then Krampitz has the … Read More

Krampitz Overhead steel tanks “TTE-300 special” with catch basin
Machine tanks (day tanks/supply tanks) set up for final equipment with mechanical float content indicator as well … Read More

Krampitz large tank farm before test setup in the factory
Test setup for the final inspection of the large tank farm including electronic test run of … Read More

Flood-proof diesel storage tank type 40ft HC-HW
This diesel storage tank is a flood-proof design for installation in flood-prone areas in the Rhine Valley.

The heavy … Read More

Krampitz Chemical Waste Collector KCWC-20000
Automatic chemical collector for liquid chemical media
Automatic chemical collectors for liquid chemical media (waste) are used for the automatic collection and … Read More

Krampitz fuel station containers in Japan
This article about fuel station containers, which featured on Japanese television, reports on the containers that Krampitz and its partner … Read More


All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for extremely flammable media have lightning rods that protect the tanks from a lightning strike.

This is important because a … Read More

Quo vadis, petrol station: Where are you going?
The evolution of the car led to the invention of petrol stations. In the early days, refuelling was … Read More

The latest generation of oil supply system – type IDEAL
Oil supply system IDEAL for the supply of fresh oil and disposal of used oil on … Read More

Tanks and filling system solutions
Modern state-of-the-art tanks and filling system solutions for liquid fuels, mineral oils, bio oils, chemicals, alcohol, ethanol, and pharmaceutical products
The container … Read More

All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for highly flammable media have special explosion-proof lamps and switches. Marked with the Ex-symbol. They differ from conventional devices … Read More

Generator belly tanks – the KTD-FL tank series
KTD-FL-Mini – the mini bellys
The new KTD-FL-Mini tank series (Krampitz Flunder) are designed for direct mounting of diesel … Read More

Tank container series KCU “Universal”

The universal filling stations are most suitable for commercial filling stations. For example, for trunk roads with many refueling operations.
Read More

Tank container series KCC “Compact”

The compact filling stations are our middle class model. Suitable for company filling stations or simple commercial filling stations, for … Read More

Tank container series KCS “Smart”

The smart filling stations are our smallest filling stations. Perfectly suited for simple use, for example as a company filling … Read More

Krampitz Tank container series: Smart, Compact, Universal

Whether a small company filling station or a large commercial filling station.
With the Krampitz standard series Smart … Read More

Workshop and office container for a boat filling station

ISO container
workshop room
office space
Air conditioning
Protective grille against burglary and vandalism

Storage tank KTD-F 1000 liters of urea
The smallest member of the KTD-F storage tank family

1000 liters of urea
Stainless steel tank
Pneumatic content display
Read More

Extra-large storage tank / process tank for crude oil and other water-polluting media


Modern professional crude oil production plants require high-quality storage tanks.

Storage tanks which are … Read More

Gas station container series
Concept presentation: gas station container
Krampitz Petrol Station Systems for the Fuel Supply of Trucks, Motor Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Mining Machines, Diesel Locomotives, … Read More

Supply of internal combustion engines
Concept presentation: professional supply of internal combustion engines with fuel, engine oils and urea
Robust, double-wall type series for building up more … Read More

Construction site units series
Concept presentation: construction site units
Krampitz tanks, machine tanks and equipment platforms for use in undeveloped regions of the world as well as … Read More

The future of fuel stations are unmanned gas station container
Assembled and connected within a few hours, the system is ready for operation on the same … Read More

Modern industrial machine and plant construction with preassembled machine and plant containers for worldwide exportKrampitz ISO container platforms make for optimal installation of machines and … Read More

Special double-walled high-cube storage tanks for installation in large power plants
Storage tank container for storing the media glycol cooling water, fresh oil, used oil, urea … Read More

Krampitz tank container as a boat filling station

Medium: diesel
Volume: 13.35m³
Calibratable fuel dispenser for boat refueling (260 liters / min.)
Extra door for … Read More

– double-walled steel tank
– Two-chamber tank

Krampitz storage tank type KTD-F 30000 special with thermal insulation
On the left and right of the tank walls, underneath the roof, there are two anchoring … Read More

These grids can save lives.
A flame protection grid – also called flame arrester – prevents flames and sparks from breaking through in pipes and tanks … Read More

Stackable storage tank containers for industrial applications
Constructing industrial facilities with container modules
Many industrial manufacturers are faced with a lack of space when they want to … Read More

Content indicator for fuel tank containers and storage tanks
Krampitz function videos
For the Contents Indicators on Krampitz tank containers, different measuring systems are used. From purely … Read More

Technical requirements for generating plants such as combined heat and power units and emergency power systems as set out in the 44th Federal Emission Control … Read More

Automatic fuel polishing and treatment station for tank systems
The problem of the diesel pest
Because of the microbial contamination of storage depots (diesel, kerosene, gasoline/petrol) in … Read More

Krampitz storage tanks and petrol station containers: vacuum leak detector function
Environmental protection is very important to Krampitz. That is why we only use class one … Read More

Transport container for foam concentrate for fire fighting with fire extinguishing foam
Hook lift container for foam concentrate

Roll-off container / hook lift container
Material: … Read More

Krampitz airfield filling station in action

Oversized tank modules with volumes of approx. 75,000 to 100,000 liters for fuels and oil
Krampitz produces aboveground storage tank containers in ISO container dimensions of … Read More

Double-walled machine tanks for gas power plants (100 MW units)
Storage tanks for fresh oil, used oil, urea solution and cooling water

Industrial variants with all-round, … Read More

3-chamber tank container (diesel 26m³, bio-diesel 20m³, urea solution 6m³) manufactured as a prepared platform with holding system for advertising parapets on the upper back … Read More