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Special double-walled high-cube storage tanks for installation in large power plants
Storage tank container for storing the media glycol cooling water, fresh oil, used oil, urea … Read More

Krampitz tank container as a boat filling station

Medium: diesel
Volume: 13.35m³
Calibratable fuel dispenser for boat refueling (260 liters / min.)
Extra door for … Read More

– double-walled steel tank
– Two-chamber tank

Krampitz storage tank type KTD-F 30000 special with thermal insulation
On the left and right of the tank walls, underneath the roof, there are two anchoring … Read More

These grids can save lives.
A flame protection grid – also called flame arrester – prevents flames and sparks from breaking through in pipes and tanks … Read More

Stackable storage tank containers for industrial applications
Constructing industrial facilities with container modules
Many industrial manufacturers are faced with a lack of space when they want to … Read More

Content indicator for fuel tank containers and storage tanks
Krampitz function videos
For the Contents Indicators on Krampitz tank containers, different measuring systems are used. From purely … Read More

Technical requirements for generating plants such as combined heat and power units and emergency power systems as set out in the 44th Federal Emission Control … Read More

Automatic fuel polishing and treatment station for tank systems
The problem of the diesel pest
Because of the microbial contamination of storage depots (diesel, kerosene, gasoline/petrol) in … Read More

Krampitz storage tanks and petrol station containers: vacuum leak detector function
Environmental protection is very important to Krampitz. That is why we only use class one … Read More

Transport container for foam concentrate for fire fighting with fire extinguishing foam

Roll-off container
Material: stainless … Read More

Krampitz airfield filling station in action

Oversized tank modules with volumes of approx. 75,000 to 100,000 liters for fuels and oil
Krampitz produces aboveground storage tank containers in ISO container dimensions of … Read More

Double-walled machine tanks for gas power plants (100 MW units)
Storage tanks for fresh oil, used oil, urea solution and cooling water

Industrial variants with all-round, … Read More

3-chamber tank container (diesel 26m³, bio-diesel 20m³, urea solution 6m³) manufactured as a prepared platform with holding system for advertising parapets on the upper back … Read More

Division of the Krampitz storage tank series into approvals Z-38.12-23 and Z38.12-312
Notice sheet: Restructuring of our previous DIBt approval Z-38.12-23 for double-walled steel storage tanks, … Read More

Diesel filling stations for refueling diesel locomotives at service points of the Deutsche Bahn

KTD-F tank, diesel, 20,000 liter storage tank for earthquake zone 1
Diesel storage tank with pump combination and thermal insulation for outdoor installation

Leak detector with … Read More

Disposal tank container for used cooling lubricants 5,000 liters
Storage tank for cooling lubricants / cooling lubricants

electronic level indicator
4 adjustable switching points
electronic overfill … Read More

Oil supply systems for power stations, mining machinery, workshopsIncreased profit through modern machinery and equipment maintenanceOptimum supply of lubricants to machinery, vehicles and apparatus for … Read More

KTD-F special high security tank system can be used in data centers

Swap body for the medium urea
double-walled tank structure can be used above ground and underground as a transport tank or storage tank
Volume … Read More

Flat sub-base tank container with thermal insulation as a special order
This custom-made product is screwed into an extra load-bearing construction for the construction of machine … Read More

KCU-UNIVERSAL petrol station modular system

2 pieces of KCU roof kits disassembled for transport incl. roof substructure
with 2 pieces of KCUP dispenser platforms
See … Read More

Lateral twistlock connection (quick tie) for international transport of containers
Twistlocks for 2x 10″ HC container units (highcube)
These quick tie connectors (twistlock) convert 2x 10″ HC … Read More

How does the Krampitz large fuel depot function? How is the fuel distributed in the depot?
The heart of the depot is the administrator. The input-output … Read More

Sub-base tank with load-bearing steel construction for plant construction
Presentation of the foundation tank KCD-FL “Flunder” as belly tank
 The KCD-FL is a double-walled steel tank with … Read More

Professional lubricant oil supply for large gas engines, diesel engines and large gas compressorsWhy choose professional lubricant oil supply systems?

Oil supply systems … Read More

Krampitz tank container with 4 chambers (diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, urea). Designed in collaboration with Krampitz Scandinavia AS.
In operation for the supply of villages in … Read More

Krampitz large fuel tank depot – gas station cluster for mining, industry, power stations…

The Krampitz large storage tank farm. Ideal for mining, industry and power … Read More

Petrol station in Pardubice with Krampitz tank container has now been expanded with a car wash

The people who live on 60 percent of the earth’s land mass do not have an adequate professional supply of fuel. However, if a region … Read More

Also this year you will find us, the Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH, at the UNITI expo (Messe Stuttgart – 3/3D96).

From May 15th to 17th, we are … Read More

Documentation on the delivery and installation of an above-ground gas station in the mobile container in Norway by Krampitz.

Krampitz Fuel Station Container
Why is the issue of fuel station containers as opposed to construction and expansion of traditional fuel stations so topical and acute?
One … Read More

Krampitz has been manufacturing fuel station modules in containerized form since 1998. The first fuel stations were still without container transport frames in ISO standard … Read More

High security tank system with fuel cleaning system
for large emergency power systems as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Aviation gas station container

coated inside
pipes completely stainless steel
condensate water extraction
transfer pump for filling tank trucks into the tank but also for … Read More

Krampitz petrol station for boats in sweden

Disadvantages of “DRUM Fuel” – Benefits of Krampitz transport tank CENTAUR IBC-Series
Drum – the history
Next to the derrick, the oil drum used to be a … Read More

Filming at the Henningen plant of Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH

Tauri Film from Berlin documents the emergence of a prototype of the new Krampitz universal filling stations.

At high and low ambient temperatures, heat insulated storage tanks are an important measure for security of supply to industrial installations as well as to … Read More

Flexible Tank Container Systems for Bus Operators
Maintenance and Care of Short and Long-Distance Bus
Secure Mobility Using Krampitz Diesel Tanks
The long-distance bus took Europe by storm. … Read More

Tank equipment and service stations for trains
Tanks for Rail Vehicles
We at Krampitz developed a multitude of special solutions for tank equipment of rail vehicles. Our … Read More

Tanks and Fuel Systems for Mechanical Engineering
The Correct Media for Each Process
State-of-the-art mechanical engineering is dependent on the permanent and reliable supply of media of … Read More

Lube skids – Everything on site with the right mining equipment
Mineral resources don’t care about local connection. Many deposits are far from any civilization. In … Read More

Urea – Krampitz storage tanks
Take the Dread Away From the Diesel
Diesel engines are considered to be one of the worst polluters of the environment. Modern … Read More