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Krampitz storage tank type KTD-F 30000 special with thermal insulation
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Krampitz safety features Part 1: explosion protection – flame protection grid / flame arrester
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Stackable storage tank containers for industrial applications
Constructing industrial facilities with container modules
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Content indicator for fuel tank containers and storage tanks
Krampitz function videos
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Technical requirements for generating plants such as combined heat and power units and emergency power … Read More

Automatic fuel polishing and treatment station for tank systems
The problem of the diesel pest
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Krampitz storage tanks and petrol station containers: vacuum leak detector function
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Transport container for foam concentrate for fire fighting with fire extinguishing foam
Hook lift container for … Read More

Krampitz airfield filling station in action

Oversized tank modules with volumes of approx. 75,000 to 100,000 liters for fuels and oil
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Double-walled machine tanks for gas power plants (100 MW units)
Storage tanks for fresh oil, used … Read More

3-chamber tank container (diesel 26m³, bio-diesel 20m³, urea solution 6m³) manufactured as a prepared platform … Read More

Division of the Krampitz storage tank series into approvals Z-38.12-23 and Z38.12-312
Notice sheet: Restructuring of … Read More

Diesel filling stations for refueling diesel locomotives at service points of the Deutsche Bahn

KTD-F tank, diesel, 20,000 liter storage tank for earthquake zone 1
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Disposal tank container for used cooling lubricants 5,000 liters
Storage tank for cooling lubricants / cooling … Read More

Oil supply systems for power stations, mining machinery, workshopsIncreased profit through modern machinery and equipment … Read More

KTD-F special high security tank system can be used in data centers

Swap body for the medium urea
double-walled tank structure can be used above ground … Read More

Flat sub-base tank container with thermal insulation as a special order
This custom-made product is screwed … Read More

Mining tank container with hook lift system
Heavy diesel transport containers from Krampitz have been successfully … Read More

KCU-UNIVERSAL petrol station modular system

2 pieces of KCU roof kits disassembled for transport incl. … Read More

Lateral twistlock connection (quick tie) for international transport of containers
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How does the Krampitz large fuel depot function? How is the fuel distributed in the … Read More

Sub-base tank with load-bearing steel construction for plant construction
Presentation of the foundation tank KCD-FL “Flunder” … Read More

Professional lubricant oil supply for large gas engines, diesel engines and large gas compressorsWhy choose … Read More

Krampitz tank container with 4 chambers (diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, urea). Designed in collaboration with … Read More

Krampitz large fuel tank depot – gas station cluster for mining, industry, power stations…

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Petrol station in Pardubice with Krampitz tank container has now been expanded with a car … Read More

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Krampitz Fuel Station Container
Why is the issue of fuel station containers as opposed to construction … Read More

Krampitz has been manufacturing fuel station modules in containerized form since 1998. The first fuel … Read More

High security tank system with fuel cleaning system
for large emergency power systems as well as … Read More

Aviation gas station container

coated inside
pipes completely stainless steel
condensate water extraction
transfer pump … Read More

Krampitz petrol station for boats in sweden

Disadvantages of “DRUM Fuel” – Benefits of Krampitz transport tank CENTAUR IBC-Series
Drum – the history
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Filming at the Henningen plant of Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH

Tauri Film from Berlin documents the emergence … Read More

At high and low ambient temperatures, heat insulated storage tanks are an important measure for … Read More

Flexible Tank Container Systems for Bus Operators
Maintenance and Care of Short and Long-Distance Bus
Secure Mobility … Read More

Tank equipment and service stations for trains
Tanks for Rail Vehicles
We at Krampitz developed a multitude … Read More

Tanks and Fuel Systems for Mechanical Engineering
The Correct Media for Each Process
State-of-the-art mechanical engineering is … Read More

Lube skids – Everything on site with the right mining equipment
Mineral resources don’t care about … Read More

Urea – Krampitz storage tanks
Take the Dread Away From the Diesel
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Krampitz fuel equipment for liquid fuels
Fuel Station Container by Krampitz – Quick, Mobile, Modular
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