Prerequisite for becoming a Krampitz distributor

Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH is a worldwide operating and highly specialized producer of storage and transport tanks for all kinds of mediums.

We do not produce cheap tank systems, but only products of high quality, very complex, durable that require explanations.

We are provider of Europe’s biggest companies in the energy sector and worldwide operating enterprises in the mining industry and petrol field exploitation and its distribution sector.

Krampitz is interested in being represented in different countries by a local commercial agency in order to penetrate the market.

We already are represented in several countries, but are still looking for a representation in the African, Latin American, Australian and Asian markets.

In order to guarantee a fair and profitable win/win situation for either side, we are looking for a professional, competent and long term partner, with whom we can cover the local market in all its segments with our innovative products.

Factors for a good working relationship are:

  1. Krampitz offers professional instruction of our latest technology by inviting all technicians to Salzwedel, and teaching them the necessary know how in order to not only eliminate all doubts customers may have, but to also help them with a technical problem in situ.
  2. The agency must be very well introduced in one or more of the following industries: mining, transport, construction, agriculture, petrol exploitation and its distribution.
  3. The agency needs, depending on its market, between 5 and 10 of our best selling models in stock, in order to satisfy the demand without problem and on time. The motto is that the customer prefers to touch rather than reading a text and looking at pictures or video.
  4. As our representative you will have to assure the emission of required licences by the authorities for the respective containers.

When interested or having questions or doubts, please contact us at the following numbers:

  • Phone: +49 3901 3088 100
  • Fax: +49 3901 3088 131
  • E-Mail:

Becoming a Krampitz distributor

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