Chemical Waste Collector

Krampitz Chemical Waste Collector KCWC-20000

Automatic chemical collector for liquid chemical media

Automatic chemical collectors for liquid chemical media (waste) are used for the automatic collection and intermediate storage of process media to be discharged from fully automatic industrial plants.

Chemical Waste disposal

The media to be disposed of (liquid chemical hazardous waste) is collected here and then extracted and transported away by disposal companies using special tankers.

Double-walled stainless steel tank for liquid chemical hazardous waste

This chemical collector shown here has a capacity of over 20,000 litres.

chemical waste collector - storage tankIt is made entirely of stainless steel in 1.4571 as a double-walled tank with vacuum leakage monitoring.

The control cabinets arranged on the front side contain the fully automatic control and monitoring systems of all collection tank components in the right cabinet. The electronic vacuum leak detector is installed in the left-hand control cabinet.

Tanker truck coupling

The 2″ suction nozzle with engine ball valve and tanker truck coupling for the tanker truck are also located here.

Flushing connection for tank cleaning

Furthermore, a 2″ water flushing pipe with a Storz type motorised ball valve and connection coupling is installed here for flushing the tank with flushing water for the purpose of tank cleaning.

This flushing connection supplies two permanently installed flushing lances inside the tank with cleaning water. These flushing lances are positioned to flush the chemical residues and any solids to the tanker suction pipe.

Agitators on the tank roof

Two agitators installed in the roof prevent the sedimentation of solids from the media to be temporarily stored at the bottom of the tank.

Pre-installed heating coil

Heating coil made of stainless steel pipe is installed in the tank roof so that it can be pulled out. This heating coil is intended to prevent the chemical solutions from freezing in the cold season. The heating coil is fed with hot water from the industrial plant.

Electronic content display

An electronic content indicator on the tank roof indicates the fill level in the tank compartment to the plant control system. Here, corresponding switching points are set for all work processes, such as storage, extraction, cleaning and agitating.

Electronic overfill protection

An electronic overfill protection safely prevents any overfilling of the tank.

The filling nozzle for the disposal medium installed on the tank roof is equipped with a motorised ball valve to automatically interrupt the inflow from the production facility when the maximum filling level in the tank is reached. At the same time, the plant control system automatically issues signals to switch off the feed pumps for the disposal medium in the production facility. In addition, this important signal is passed on to the control unit of the production facility.

All work processes can be switched and monitored from here. All alarm messages are passed on to the superordinate switchgear.

Hood unit on the tank roof

A hood unit on the tank roof securely closes the sensors installed in it, such as the overfill protection and content indicator. Furthermore, the dome entrance for maintenance work is positioned here

A circumferential safety railing made of aluminium tubing protects employees from falling during installation and maintenance work on the tank roof.

Control cabinets

The tank’s robust base assembly supports and protects the two control cabinets on the end wall.


The chemical collector type KCWC 20.000 represents a state-of-the-art solution for automatic process facility in container design.

All requirements of the Germany’s Federal Water Management Act (WHG) are taken into account and enable fully automatic operation of the entire system.

The message to the waste management company can also be sent automatically if the fill level is appropriate.

Furthermore, the control system can document the number of disposal processes as well as the quantity disposed of per disposal process using the electronic content display.

The Krampitz “Chemical Waste Collector” realises the full control and monitoring of disposal processes for liquid media in modern production facilities.