Cleaning system for fuel / fuel polishing system

Automatic fuel polishing and treatment station for tank systems

The problem of the diesel pest

Because of the microbial contamination of storage depots (diesel, kerosene, gasoline/petrol) in warm regions of the world and in indoor plants, such as data centers or high-security systems, combustion motors of machines, generators and planes are constantly being damaged.

The complementation of microbes, high temperatures and condensed water within the fuel, increases the rapid growth of microbes on the bottom of the tank, which render the entire fuel useless in very little time.

Fuel polisher system

Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH has developed a unit against the diesel pest that is disinfecting the fuel by physical means and only keeps the filtered condensate (in the condensation tank) low on germs by a chemical disinfectant!

The microbiology is the same in small and big tanks.

Also small storage tanks need a ventilation unit that absorbs or disinfects dust with microbes, humidity and insects. In order to keep the air outside clean from dust, humidity and microbes as well, we developed a tank breathing system and integrated it into the KRP.

Diesel pest? Not with the fuel polisher KRP-5000!

  • The KRP-5000 is circulating the fuel in short time intervals.
  • The KRP-5000 is cleaning the fuel from dirt particles.
  • The KRP-5000 is filtering water parts out of the fuel.
  • The KRP-5000 is killing micro organisms in the fuel.
  • The KRP-5000 keeps the entering air free of germs.

The Krampitz fuel polisher KRP improves the long term stability of the fuel.

Fuel polishing system for storage tanks

In order to achieve a long lasting storage stability of the existing fuel, a multi step safety treatment is necessary. Storage
and treatment of fuel form a complex system and have to be looked at jointly.

fuel polishing system

The brief Krampitz safety concept for fuel storage and treatment:

a) Automatically closing ventilation for minimum entrance of microbes via the air into the storage tank
b) Automatic tank ventilation, particle free, few germs, dry ventilated air in- and outside
c) good circulating of fuel in the entire tank (exclusion of forming of dead zones within the tank)
d) The gradient of the bottom causes that microbes and condensed water accumulate directly at the suction pipe of the treatment unit
e) Inner coating of the bottom area
f) Filtration of the fuel and separation of the water and germ minimization by UV-ray treatment

fuel polishing system fuel polishing system fuel polishing system fuel polishing system

fuel polishing system fuel polishing system fuel polishing system fuel polishing system

The automatic fuel cleaning and care unit KRP-5000 has been created for the separation of water, particles, sediments and the reducing of microbial germs in order to obtain a constant quality for stored liquids, e.g. Diesel. The automatic fuel cleaning and care unit has been conceived to clean a volume of 40 m³ within 8 hours whilst having a flow of 5.000 liters/hour. Thanks to the current within the tank its entire content is being cleaned within 24 hours.

Main characteristics of the automatic fuel cleaning and care unit

a) Filter- / water separator as used in aviation with 10 times finer filtering performance of water and sediments from the diesel fuel than comparable standard diesel filters. Maximum flow of filter is four times higher than necessary in the KRP-5000
b) UV-disinfection unit with prolonged treatment distance
c) Automatic filtering of condensed water from filter / water separator into the waste water tank
d) High end fuel transporting device – industrial gear pump suitable for continuous use, extremely robust, German made high end product
e) automatic signaling towards control panel

Folder downloads:

  • EQUIPMENT® – KRP-0600 (PDF 485KB)
    Automatic fuel cleaning and care unit forday tanks and small storage tanks with a volume of up to 5.000 liters
  • EQUIPMENT® – KRP-2500 (PDF 640KB)
    Automatic fuel cleaning and care unit for day tanks and small storage tanks with a volume of up to 20.000 liters

The automatic fuel cleaning and care unit is being used in the by-pass mode as circulation operating device and is subdivided into two classical treatment phases:

Fuel polishing system Level A: Pre- or pouch filter and filter- / water separator

Filtration is being achieved by a classical pre- or pouch filter and a filter / water separator from the aviation industry.

Fuel polishing system Level B: the physical microbial treatment / disinfection

The physical microbial treatment of the flowing fuel is taking place by ultraviolet rays (UV-rays) in special treatment tubes.

Fuel polishing system application