Container platform for diesel, petrol and kerosene storage tanks

CENTAUR-3000: Diesel, petrol, and kerosene tank systems on container platforms

20ft open container platforms equipped to hold 3,000 litre tanks

Container platform for CENTAUR-3000

  • 20ft open container platforms with a machine room welded to the face
  • This unit is used for the direct on-site refuelling of vehicles, construction machinery and generators. Helicopters and smaller aircraft can also refuel at this unit.
  • The platform is equipped for three CENTAUR-3000 systems.
  • Four 5t standard tensioning belts brace each Centaur to the platform.
  • In each Centaur, a dispenser tap is mounted in a niche on a side wall.
  • Two tanks are equipped to hold and dispense diesel and petrol respectively. One Centaur to hold and dispense kerosene. You can recognise the kerosene tank by the large airfield coalescing filter.
  • Each tank has a 100-litre fuel pump and a ten metre dispensing hose with an automatic dispenser nozzle.
  • For the pump to shut off automatically and as a safety device during transport, a dispenser nozzle bag is mounted on each.

Hood on the tank roof

An access platform is positioned between the containers to make it easier to open the hoods on the tank roof.

The ball valves for the suction and vent lines can be switched via the open hoods on the Centaur tanks.

Delivery nozzle for the tanker

The delivery nozzle for the tanker is also located in the hood. The quantity of fuel remaining is measured via a dipstick in the tank roof.

Pumps and diesel generator

Each pump is supplied with electricity via the connection cable hanging from the tank. A plug connects this cable to a diesel generator via a socket at the rear of the machine room.

There is a 6 kW diesel generator installed in the machine room. It is responsible for a self-sufficient supply of electrical power to the platform. This machine room also includes space for the storage of other equipment, which can be attached to the side walls from the inside. A double-leaf door prevents unauthorised access to the machine room.

CENTAUR fuel transport system

This fuel transport system is an extremely robust solution for regions and construction sites or even opencast mines with very poor transport routes. The Centaur system can withstand the most extreme vehicle twisting forces and can also be transported at relatively high speeds through difficult terrain.

Robust and modern = contemporary. For transport by freight, rail or road!