Crude oil storage tank

Extra-large storage tank / process tank for crude oil and other water-polluting media

cruide oil storage tank


Modern professional crude oil production plants require high-quality storage tanks.

Storage tanks which are robust, double-walled and, if possible, have the process equipment fully integrated.

For this task we developed the KTD-F-Ti-96 series.


Storage tanks with heating coil for high-viscosity media, like cruide oil

  • These storage tanks are used for storing water-polluting media that need to be heated, such as heating oil, diesel, mineral oil, crude oil.
  • The KTD-F-Ti storage tank is designed for outdoor installation.
  • It is installed on a level, load-bearing surface.
  • The tank can be easily loaded or moved by crane.
  • A characteristic feature of the tank is its double-walled, cubic construction.
  • The KTD-F-Ti storage tank is manufactured in accordance with the general technical approval Z-38.12-312.

cruide oil storage tank cruide oil storage tank cruide oil storage tank cruide oil storage tank

Advantages of this storage tank system are:

  • safety – high static strength; double-walled construction with vacuum leak detector
  • storage capacity – optimum space-to-content ratio due to cubic XXL design
  • arrangement of the equipment protected in a niche of the tank
  • low investment costs: no need for an additional collecting tray, a load-bearing base is all that is required
  • water and dirt separator due to sloping tank bottom
  • equipped with high-quality thermal insulation and heating coil to prevent paraffic flocculation
  • equipped with high-quality internal coating to prevent corrosion by secondary components such as sulphur and storage tank water
  • various connection flanges to accommodate sensors, pump suction pipes, filling pipe and heating pipes as well as air vents

cruide oil storage tank cruide oil storage tank cruide oil storage tank cruide oil storage tank

Storage tanks for fuel additives and oil additives

Tanks in the same design are also available as 20ft and 40ft high cube storage tank containers. May also be used as transportable ISO storage tanks for fuel and oil additives as well as crude oil measuring tanks for testing in oil field wells.