emergency stop switch

Safety features part 5: emergency stop switch

All Krampitz tank containers have emergency stop switches. With this the entire system can be shut down immediately in an emergency.

The emergency stop switches are in a central position: near the petrol pumps and in the filling and electrical niches. And are immediately available for the operators of the gas station everywhere. In the event of a hazard, the system can be put into a safe state immediately.

When it is actuated – by pressing the mushroom button – the emergency stop switch immediately de-energizes the entire gas station. The pumps stop. Media are no longer transported and the risk of electric shock is prevented.

In order to make the system operational again, all switch mushrooms must be pulled out. If even one emergency stop button is pressed, the system cannot be put into operation. Therefore: Pull the switch out again.

The emergency stop switches quickly ensure safety in the event of danger. And are installed as standard in all our petrol stations.

This is what makes Krampitz gas stations so safe. Krampitz tank system – cubically good