Hand wing pump

Manual vane-type pump for water, petrol, diesel fuel and other fuels

Manual vane type pumps can be used for clear liquids such as water, petrol, diesel fuel and other fuels as well as for paraffin, alcohol, light chemical solutions, edible oils, etc. They are the only manual pump type which can handle very hot liquids up to 80°C. The simple and robust construction, the quality of the materials and the machining ensure a long and efficient life of the pump. The manual vane-type pump is used for priming liquids in piping systems and for conveying small amounts of liquid.

The pumps are operated by moving the lever left to right and back. This causes the shaft and the vane piston – with flap valves – in the pump to carry out half rotations. Also installed in the pump body is the suction divider with flaps. A stuffing box sleeve which is compressed by a stuffing box ring and nut acts as seal between shaft and pump cover. The standard version has bolted flanges and is supplied with bolted mating flanges. The pump can be wall mounted at the eyelets of in the body.

hand wing pump mode of action