Level sensor

Level sensor for controlling filling level of fuels and mineral oils in tank systems

The flexible level sensor AE-100-E is a float switch for filling levels, and it works according to the proved and tested principle of the reed switch contact. We have been using this high-quality level sensor AE-100-E for more than 10 years. It performs its tasks on every continent, no matter in great heat in Africa or great coldness at Arctic research station. In the meantime, more than 10.000 AE-100-E are worldwide in use.

The level sensor AE-100-E is as a rule used for the automatic requirement or shut-down of pumps in case of signaling of the specifi ed filling-level points (shortage or excess) in tanks. In addition, remote signaling and automatic emergency cutout e.g. are also realized in case of falling below the minimum fi lling level. The flexible level sensor consists of a plastic cable with a switching head made of stainless steel, in which a short skid pipe is inserted. The switching head has a so big own weight that it cannot float in a liquid and therefore works as a standpipe.