Pump combination

Pump combination used for diesel fuel and fuel oil EL

The pump combination type Z-PK comprises of a manual vane-type pump and a centrifugal pump in a housing designed especially for stand-by diesel generating sets. The main feature of the combination is the common pump body in which the electric centrifugal pump and the manual vane-type pump are installed. The pump-combination is protected by utility.

Pump combination advantages:

  • both pumps can run independent of each other without the need of operating ball valves
  • compact construction of the pump combination
  • easy to replace due to easy installation of ball valves with separating screw fittings
  • easy access to priming and drain openings
  • efficient seal due to combination of radial shaft seal and stuffing box
  • factory test run with leak and pressure test on test rig
  • lower weight and smaller installation space
  • easy priming and venting of the pipe system by means of the manual pump

Applications of the pump combination: The pump combination type Z-PK / 2000 (230V) and Z-PK / 2001 (400V) is exclusively used for diesel fuel and fuel oil EL. A wide application range is available in view of the high delivery volume of up to about 35-40 liters/minute and approximately 5 m head (5 l/min at 35 m head). The ambient temperature of the pump combination is from +5°C to +30°C. The following versions are available: 230V; 50Hz and 400V, 3-phase AC; 50Hz.

Pump combination

Construction of the pump combination:
The pump base is made of grey cast iron and is CNC machined. This ensures long life and exact fi t of replacement parts. The pump combination is fastened with the pump body to a plane, vertical wall. The pump body also contains the centrifugal pump and the manual vane-type pump. The impeller diameter of the centrifugal pump is 90 mm, the manual vane-type pump is double-acting with 4 flap valves.

Pump combination type Z-PK