Pump set

Pump set type Z-PG for oil supply of industrial internal combustion engines

The block pump set type Z-PG was developed specifi cally for the requirements of oil change and oil supply of industrial internal combustion engines. The target of the development of this pump was a compact design which integrated a maximum number of functions and valves in the pump housing. The block pump housing is made of grey-cast iron machined to high precision. This ensures a long service life and exact fi t of replacements. The pump rotation can be reversed. To ensure simplicity of function, the two conveying routes of the pump are activated by a simple changeover of the rotation of the electric motor. Each sense of rotation has a pressure limiting valve assigned to it.

Pump set type Z-PG advantages:

  • simple and robust construction
  • no solenoid valves or ball valves needed directly at the pump
  • time- and space-saving installation
  • minimum piping system
  • suitable for vertical or horizontal set-up
  • integrated valves and fi ttings, e.g., fl ow sight glass, pressure gauge, non-return valves
  • suction and fi lling needs only one pump
  • continuous service possible without restriction due to pressure limiting valve
Pump set

Mode of action of the pump set:

In principle, a gerotor pump is a rotary piston pump or displacement pump with an outer and an inner rotor of trochoid gearing. The inner rotor has one gear tooth less than the outer rotor. All teeth of the inner rotor are in contact with the outer rotor at any position of rotation. Rotation of the gerotor forms displacement chambers between the contact points of the inner and outer rotors whose change of volume causes the liquid to flow. Volume flow and speed are proportional to each other. The mode of action is illustrated here with reference to a stroke of the pump with one chamber (dark area) being considered at different positions.

Pump set Z-PG