Flexible Tank Container Systems for Bus Operators

Flexible Tank Container Systems for Bus Operators

Maintenance and Care of Short and Long-Distance Bus

Secure Mobility Using Krampitz Diesel Tanks

Tankcontainer-Systeme für Busunternehmen Fernbus (#69578186 © rasica - Fotolia.com (Truck / Bus))The long-distance bus took Europe by storm. Being a genuine alternative to railway and air traffic, the long-distance bus provides a vital contribution to the overall mobility. In order to never halt this mobility, we at Krampitz developed bus gas station units. These aboveground systems offer a solution that is affordable, practical and highly secure.

Safety Comes First

To supply buses with diesel in a meaningful way, any tank equipment needs to be highly secure and to provide maintenance independently. Our tank equipment is powerful, aboveground and easy to maintain. At the same time, it is highly secure: Using a triple safety system our bus gas station units meet all requirements of the Machinery Directive.

The structure of our tanks offers an enormous stability and durability by the selection of high-strength materials. Comprehensive alarm systems are available as an option which are capable of alerting the control center upon theft or damage automatically. Any warning signs are clearly visible at site and freely accessible on the facilities. Backed by international certificates we offer all bus gas station unit accessories required for reliable operation.

Power for Propulsion

We have two product lines to supply buses with fuel:

tanks of 5,000 to 20,000 liters are ideal decentralized and easy-to-mount supply posts. They are quick and easy to install and do not impose any great structural requirements. That makes these posts ideal for sporadically used or temporary buffer gas station.

In order to support increased power for long-term or permanent demand, we have tank containers of 10,000 to 90,000 liters. These capacities allow more frequented gas station units for buses. When you plan a new long-distance bus route and you lack gas stations, we will deliver the required equipment.

Short Stopovers by Powerful Pumps

Any tour by long-distance bus welcomes any kind of break, however, a refueling stop shouldn’t be the reason for an unnecessary delay. We guarantee rapid refueling by using extremely flexible and powerful technology: pumps of 50 to 100 liter per minute fuel any long-distance bus within an extremely short time. Available as an option is any delivery rate of up to 200 liters per minute. This will keep the breaks short and tours quick.

More than Diesel

The modular system of Krampitz allows a comprehensive setup of bus gas station units. Our offer goes far beyond the supply of diesel. The tanks of our line may be combined within the modular system. The cubic design involving high-strength steel allows stackability of our solutions even in tight spaces. This saves space and increases efficiency. We deliver tanks for all kinds of fluids needed by a bus: fuel, hydraulic oil, cooling water, antifreeze fluids – even wastewater tanks for on-board toilets are available. We installed special tanks to accommodate urea meeting the latest requirements around the emission reduction of diesel vehicles.  Long-distance bus operators have all the opportunities to maximize their service. Buses may be serviced directly on-site using our modular systems. This will maintain the operational readiness of buses and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Wide Selection for Perfect Service

We offer a selection of altogether nine different sizes and designs of storage tanks. Depending on size, you need an appropriate foundation what has to be clarified with the local authorities. The statics is available. Usually, a simple flat concrete slab will be sufficient.

As a basic principle, our storage tanks consist of two walls and monitor vacuum leaks. The leak control allows to absorb water-polluting substances like diesel, hydraulic fluids or lubricating oil safely. Our tanks are equipped including the relevant warning systems for these cases. We also guarantee the environment protection by this means. You as a user will get maximum security of supply and perfect environment protection of your bus gas station units. Your bus will always reach the destination quickly, safely and comfortably.

Best Quality Made in Germany

Our tanks dedicated to maintenance and care of buses are made under the maxim “Made in Germany”. Qualified and highly motivated skilled employees manufacture storage tanks and tank containers of 10,000 to 90,000 liters in consistently good quality. Moreover, strict quality assurance makes sure that our tanks and the comprehensive accessory leave our premises only in perfect condition. As a result, maintenance and care of buses will turn into pure routine in all four corners of the world.

The material of our choice is heavy, reliable steel only. Solutions consisting of synthetic material may cause serious problems to remote and isolated bus gas station units. Synthetic tanks will be irreparably damaged following a leak and require complete replacement. Additionally, synthetic tanks have issues with regard to fire protection and are climate-sensitive. Synthetic tanks become brittle at extreme minus temperatures and the material is susceptible to ageing at extremely high temperatures. This may lead to gas station failure lasting several weeks ruling out maintenance and care of buses at this site. You can weld and permanently repair steel even after major damage directly on-site without any problem. That is why we will be faithful to our preferred material.

Full Service for Our Customers

A tank may be a simple technical structure, however, the accompanying accessory is subject to permanent pressure to innovate: More powerful and secure pumps, reliable sensors and faster communication systems improve our bus gas station units permanently. We offer our special after sales service, so you will always be state of the art. Talk to us – we will show you what is possible already today.