Flood-proof diesel storage tank

Flood-proof diesel storage tank type 40ft HC-HW

This diesel storage tank is a flood-proof design for installation in flood-prone areas in the Rhine Valley.

  • The heavy duty alcove lock door is a watertight design and is designed to withstand at least 6 meters of water level from flooding.
  • The entire tank body is extremely stable against external water pressure.
  • The hood element is sealed watertight by a heavy sealing cover.
  • All tank connections are realized by flange connections.

A tank tough as a submarine. Modern technology for safe use in disaster-prone areas.

The Krampitz “Submarine Tank” is designed to be flooded.

  • With a water column several meters above the roof, these tanks can be subjected to static loads from the outside.
  • The tanks are bolted to the floor foundation plates to prevent them from floating.
  • All doors are heavy duty marine grade watertight bulkhead doors.
  • This storage tank (Krampitz “Submarine Tank”) is designed to be floodable.