Data sheets accessories

Automatic fuel cleaning and treatment plant


  • EQ-40-A–F (PDF 220KB)
    gerotor pump
  • EQ-41-A–D (PDF 270KB)
    double acting semi rotary hand wing pump
  • EQ-42-B (PDF 250KB)
    rotary pump
  • PH-DK (PDF 892KB)
    High Flow Rotary Pump

Pump systems

Leak Detector

  • EQ-34 (PDF 190KB)
    oil warning probe
  • EQ-30-A (PDF 420KB)
    vacuum leak detector, electronic, typ Eurovac HV
  • AM-359 (PDF 251KB)
    Static Vacuum Leak Detector, Type KÜR 5

Level Indicator

  • EQ-16-A (PDF 525KB)
    level indicator, float level indicator and fuel dip stick
  • EQ-16-F (PDF 674KB)
    level indicator, float level indicator and fuel dip stick
  • EQ-16-G (PDF 210KB)
    float level indicator
  • AM-004.1 (PDF 187KB)
    float Level Indicator

Level Transmitter

  • EQ-24-A (PDF 380KB)
    level transmitter (float switch) made of stainless steel
  • AE-100-BD (PDF 606KB)
    Level transmitter (float switch) made of stainless steel, biodiesel resistant

Overfilling Protection

  • EQ-15-A (PDF 180KB)
    overfilling protection type AE 200 with level limiter type AE 201
  • EQ-28-A (PDF 205KB)
    limiting level transmitter type K12/1
  • EQ-15-F (PDF 250KB)
    overfill switch-off box with switch-off electronic for tank truck supply

Bursting disc

  • AM-595 (PDF 348KB)
    Bursting disc

Tank Heating

  • EQ-18-A (PDF 165KB)
    tank heating 230 V AC, 50 Hz – 220 W
  • EQ-18-B + EQ-18-G (PDF 190KB)
    tank heating 230 V AC, 50 Hz – 3 kW
  • EQ-18-C + EQ-18-D (PDF 190KB)
    tank heating 400 V AC, 50 Hz – 4,5 to 7,5 kW
  • EQ-18-H (PDF 230KB)
    tank heating heavy oil

Bursting disc

  • AM-595 (PDF 349KB)
    Bursting disc

Filling and venting fittings

  • EQ-26-A + EQ-27-A (PDF 230KB)
    vent connection with cover, filling pipe, closure, suction tube with foot valve
  • EQ-35-A (PDF 290KB)
    vent pot with oil separator
  • EQ-35-B (PDF 160KB)
    suction connection for barrel with quiver

Wand Bracket, Foot, Stand Column

  • WK+FS+ST (PDF 484KB)
    Wand Bracket WK, Foot FS, Stand Column ST