Büro ContainerThe Minotaur® office systems, type RKO, are all-purpose systems which can be used as an office, health care unit or laboratory. They are also used as soundproof and heat-insulated machine housings which can accommodate diesel generators, workshop equipment or complete electrical switchgears. The Minotaur® office systems are integrated into a stable ISO container frame.

The roof and side walls are a fully-welded all-steel construction. A 50-mm-thick heat insulation of the roof and side walls is standard. Optional: 80-mm or 100-mm-thick insulation. The office system is equipped with an access door measuring 800 x 2,000 mm and two welded, fixed windows with steel security grilles.

Optional: removable roof for the easy installation of machinery and switch cabinets.
Standard: electrical equipment including power supply socket, electric terminal and distributor box, interior lighting and sockets.
Advantages of the Minotaur® office systems:
• international approval for transport by ship, rail and road (CSC)
• stacks of up to 8 units possible
• high payload capacity allows for the installation of large equipment
• high safety through welded all-steel body, high static strength
• designed for temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +70 °C