Foundation tank for plant construction

Sub-base tank with load-bearing steel construction for plant construction

Presentation of the foundation tank KCD-FL “Flunder” as belly tank

Krampitz foundation tank Flunder The KCD-FL is a double-walled steel tank with the test mark Z-38.12-23 in a flat design as sub base fuel tank. A strong steel construction encloses this tank. This steel structure is capable of accommodating heavy machinery containers and equipment such as supply and exhaust towers. Some customers refer to this type of construction as a foundation tank (belly tank) or genset tank.

The KCD-FL is designed for space-saving stacked modular systems as well as for quick and easy installation as fuel systems for critical power.

The KCD-FL is manufactured as standard in 20ft as well as 40ft variants in ISO dimensions. The special feature of the KCD-FL is the extension of the tank on one end face out of the ISO frame of the container. Here, the hood element of the tank with dome entry DN 600, 5 piece flange adapter as well as the electronic vacuum leak detector is placed. Our vacuum leak detection system conforms to the highest safety level according to DIN EN 13160, safety class I for leak detection systems.

  • The KCD-FL-XL version serves machine containers with a container width of 3,000 mm.
  • Also special widths up to 4 m are possible, but only with special transport to the site.
  • Different tank or frame heights allow customized storage tank volumes of up to 30,000 liters Volume.
  • With high quality requirements for fuel storage e.g. large computer centers require a high quality plastic interior coating.
  • This prevents corrosion on the tank bottom and thus the formation of microbiology in the fuel.
  • The use of a fuel cleaning and care system for the continuous care of the fuel should be standard in these high-quality applications.

Technical knowledge in the implementation of KCD-FL projects with large diesel generators

The practice of recent projects with the KCD-FL has shown that the machine superstructures with their peripherals can not be more different. The same applies to the sites. That means the weight distribution, also due to plant projections or actual plant towers and a wide variety of wind loads usually require a static design of the support frame depending on the application.

We ask for your understanding because we need an overall view of the system with external dimensions as well as the load entries on the foundation frame and the installation site of the system for a perfect functioning of the KCD-FL as foundation tank maybe for a data center fuel system. The KCD-FL is a tank variant with a great future but also a technical challenge for planning and production of sub base fuel tanks.

We look forward to providing you with this technical container solution a good alternative to conventional plant construction.