Lightning Protection

Safety Features Part 3 Lightning Protection

All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for extremely flammable media have lightning rods that protect the tanks from a lightning strike.

This is important because a lightning strike can have devastating consequences. Without lightning protection, lightning can strike the container directly.

Up to 100 million volts hit the steel body. Within milliseconds, the heat is so intense that the media can ignite and cause an explosion.

filling stations with lightning protectionTo prevent this, we equip all of our filling stations with lightning protection systems.

Here lightning does not strike the tank, but the interception rod and is then diverted towards the earth via the lightning rod.

For this purpose, after our tank containers have been set up, the earth rod is placed in the ground and connected to the lightning rod.

The earth rod must be installed on site up to the conductive, permanently moist soil layer.

Now the gas station is protected from lightning.

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