Switches and Lamps, EX

Krampitz Safety Features Part 2: Switches and Lamps, EX

All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for highly flammable media have special explosion-proof lamps and switches. Marked with the Ex-symbol. They differ from conventional devices clearly in their processing.

Lamp EX

The explosion-proof lamps have an extremely stable, pressure-resistant housing. Shatterproof glass, strong rubber seals and solid fittings. Unlike the simple, unprotected lamp housings, here on the left in the picture.

If an explosive mixture –gasoline or kerosene vapour – flows into the unprotected lamp and is ignited by an electric spark, the lamp cannot withstand the pressure. The explosion can spread unhindered and destroy the entire petrol station.

Stop! Therefore: No unprotected lamp housings in petrol stations for highly flammable media. That’s why here Krampitz only uses explosion-proof lamps. Here, the housing can safely withstand the explosion pressure inside. There is only a deflagration in the lamp. But the lamp remains whole. A transfer of the explosion to the outside, to the surrounding explosive atmosphere is not possible. And so, in this way a dangerous explosion can be prevented.

Switch EX

The explosion-proof switches function according to the same working principle. They also consist of pressure-resistant housings that can safely withstand an explosion pressure inside. Unlike the conventional, unprotected switches.

EX lamps and EX switches


The consistent use of explosion-proof lamps and switches in the storage of highly flammable media makes Krampitz tank systems and filling stations so safe!

Effective explosion protection. Krampitz tank system. Cubically good.