Krampitz storage tank series – approvals

Division of the Krampitz storage tank series into approvals Z-38.12-23 and Z38.12-312

Notice sheet: Restructuring of our previous DIBt approval Z-38.12-23 for double-walled steel storage tanks, as well as the presentation of our new DIBT approval Z-38.12-312 for double-walled steel storage tanks with and without ISO container frames for extreme as well as normal installation, operating and usage conditions.

To the newly designed DIBt approval Z-38.12-23:

  • This now includes all machine tanks up to a tank height of 2,000 mm, a maximum tank length of 12,000 mm and a tank width of 4,000 mm.
  • Die Aufstellungs- und Betriebsbedingungen sind normal. Das heißt, normale Aufstellung außerhalb der Erdbebenzone, Medienparameter maximal +50° C und maximaler Mediumdichte ≤ 1,0 kg/l.
  • The installation and operating conditions are normal. This means normal installation outside the earthquake zone, media parameters maximum +50° C and maximum medium density ≤ 1.0 kg/l.
    This approval covers the double-walled storage tanks type KTD, as well as the double-walled day tanks type TTD, which are designed with the same static characteristics as the KTD series.
  • These tanks can be manufactured in steel S235 JR or stainless steel 1.4571.
  • Krampitz Maschinentank GmbH

To the new approval Z-38.12-312:

  • Here we have bundled all storage tanks and tank containers with special features. Tanks for outdoor installation for installation in earthquake zones 1-3, as well as in flood areas. Media temperature ranges from 50°C over 80°C to 100°C, and media density from 1.0 to 1.2 kg/l.
  • Of course, we can manufacture these tanks in steel S235 JR or stainless steel 1,4571.
  • Depending on the series, the volumes range from approx. 5,000 l to approx. 100,000 l
  • Krampitz Containersystem GmbH