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Lateral twistlock connection (quick tie) for international transport of containers
Twistlocks for 2x 10″ HC container units (highcube)
These quick tie connectors (twistlock) convert 2x 10″ HC … Read More

How does the Krampitz large fuel depot function? How is the fuel distributed in the depot?
The heart of the depot is the administrator. The input-output … Read More

Foundation tank with load-bearing steel construction for plant construction
Presentation of the foundation tank KCD-FL “Flunder”
 The KCD-FL is a double-walled steel tank with the test mark … Read More

Krampitz tank container with 4 chambers (diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, urea). Designed in collaboration with Krampitz Scandinavia AS.
In operation for the supply of villages in … Read More

Krampitz large fuel tank depot – gas station cluster for mining, industry, power stations…

The Krampitz large storage tank farm. Ideal for mining, industry and power … Read More

Petrol station in Pardubice with Krampitz tank container has now been expanded with a car wash

The people who live on 60 percent of the earth’s land mass do not have an adequate professional supply of fuel. However, if a region … Read More

Also this year you will find us, the Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH, at the UNITI expo (Messe Stuttgart – 3/3D96).

From May 15th to 17th, we are … Read More

Documentation on the delivery and installation of an above-ground gas station in the mobile container in Norway by Krampitz.

Krampitz Fuel Station Container
Why is the issue of fuel station containers as opposed to construction and expansion of traditional fuel stations so topical and acute?
One … Read More

Krampitz has been manufacturing fuel station modules in containerized form since 1998. The first fuel stations were still without container transport frames in ISO standard … Read More

High security tank system with fuel cleaning system
for large emergency power systems as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Aviation gas station container

coated inside
pipes completely stainless steel
condensate water extraction
transfer pump for filling tank trucks into the tank but also for … Read More

Krampitz petrol station for boats in sweden

Disadvantages of “DRUM Fuel” – Benefits of Krampitz transport tank CENTAUR IBC-Series
Drum – the history
Next to the derrick, the oil drum used to be a … Read More

Filming at the Henningen plant of Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH

Tauri Film from Berlin documents the emergence of a prototype of the new Krampitz universal filling stations.

At high and low ambient temperatures, heat insulated storage tanks are an important measure for security of supply to industrial installations as well as to … Read More

Flexible Tank Container Systems for Bus Operators
Maintenance and Care of Short and Long-Distance Bus
Secure Mobility Using Krampitz Diesel Tanks
The long-distance bus took Europe by storm. … Read More

Tank equipment and service stations for trains
Tanks for Rail Vehicles
We at Krampitz developed a multitude of special solutions for tank equipment of rail vehicles. Our … Read More

Tanks and Fuel Systems for Mechanical Engineering
The Correct Media for Each Process
State-of-the-art mechanical engineering is dependent on the permanent and reliable supply of media of … Read More

Everything On-Site Using The Correct Mining Equipment
Mineral resources don’t care about local connection. Many deposits are far from any civilization. In case of surface or … Read More

Urea – Krampitz storage tanks
Take the Dread Away From the Diesel
Diesel engines are considered to be one of the worst polluters of the environment. Modern … Read More

Krampitz fuel equipment for liquid fuels
Fuel Station Container by Krampitz – Quick, Mobile, Modular
Comfortable, fast and mobile solutions around the fuel equipment for liquid fuels … Read More

Krampitz als Zulieferer von Container- und Maschinengehäusen zum Einbau von Diesel- oder Gasgeneratoren sowie für Notkühler.

Es können Maschinen mit einer Leistung von 200 bis 600 … Read More

It is located in Tromso city, but more specifically the shopping center Jekta, which is adjacent to the airport Langnes.
The … Read More

Gas station container of Krampitz tank system GmbH once again delivered to Saudi Arabia.
In July 2012, the KTS supplied two full tank systems, each consisting … Read More

MINOTAUR® drivstoffstasjonssystem, for drivstofflevering til lastebiler, motorkjøretøy, anleggsmaskiner, gruvemaskiner, diesellokomotiv og båter med diesel, biodiesel, bensin, parafin, etanol og planteoljer.

MINOTAUR® Petrol Station Systems for the … Read More

For informations, please contact:
Krampitz CZ
Vladimir Pazdera
Phone: 00420-602241311

This top-notch solution for fuel distribution is developed by CRM Trucks & Trailers and built in Holland to perform anywhere and under any condition.

Entirely self-supported … Read More

Der Tag des Bergmanns, bereits zum 3. Mal ausgerichtet auf dem Firmengelände der Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH (Niederlassung Salzwedel), wurde erneut ein voller Erfolg. Am Sonntag, … Read More

Die Vorbereitungen laufen. Erwartet werden bis zu 500 Gäste. Ehemalige und aktive Mitarbeiter der Betriebe, die in der Erdgaserkundung, Erdgasförderung und Erdgasspeicherung in der Altmark … Read More

Die Krampitz International Engineering, s.r.o. in Prag betreut den Neubau einer Tankstellenanlagen in Pardubice mit angeschlossener Waschstrasse auf gleichem Arial. Zur Lagerung der Medien kommen … Read More

The ‪KRAMPITZ‬ Minotaur® ‪portable‬ ‪gas‬ ‪station‬ ‪‎container‬ is a cubical, doublewalled construction that is being operated as a car-gas-station for ‪gasoline‬ and ‪diesel‬ ‪fuel‬. It … Read More

Installing an unmanned gas station container for trucks

Tankcontainer vom Spezialisten bestellen
Die Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH bietet dem anspruchsvollen Kunden innovative Containerlösungen, die ein Höchstmaß an Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit garantieren. Die qualitativ hochwertigen Produkte … Read More

Office container – mobile, immediately operational container cabinsAfter ISO measure made container modules as an office containerAs office containers our containers cabins are called, made … Read More

Shop containers as a mobile retail areaExtending selling area at short notice, providing storage surfaces, creating mobile shopping possibilities: Shop containers become more and more … Read More

More than just Tanks
Company profiles Krampitz tank system GmbH
Today, industrial tanks have to satisfy a wealth of high standards. They have to be functional, versatile, … Read More