Office container

Office container – mobile, immediately operational container cabins

After ISO measure made container modules as an office container

As office containers our containers cabins are called, made after ISL measure which can be used as a mobile office. With mirror-glassed windows (visual protection from the outside, solar protection), doors and a sufficient isolation the perfect office in the container is so mobile that it can be used on every building site or as a module in a filling station container.

The office containers are built in standardized container masses and very robust. They can standardized be loaded and put up wherever they are needed. When required, several office containers can be combined. For example, the office container is applicable as an expansion module for a Krampitz gas-station container.

The single containers are burglar-proof, very robust modules and any time moveable with a crane, a stacker or loadable on a truck. In order that the container can stand safe, it needs only flat and self-supporting subsoil. A special foundation is not necessarily, because possible unevennesses of the ground can be compensated any time, with suitable material according to the foundation. Because these containers stand as a rule only for a restricted time at a place, they are the perfect solution around in order to create workroom fast. Be it an office container, shop container or laboratory container, the fully equipped office container fulfils all demands that are put in fire prevention and soundproofing.

Inside, the container can be furnished arbitrarily and according to needs. The floor can be equipped alternatively with linoleum, carpet layer up to composite materials of wood, like silk-screen printing slabs, which also find a use in car manufacturing. Also the walls are formed by customer requirement: for example, with decorative, by means of coloured melamine resin coated chipboard, which is especially robust and dirt-repellend. An integrable air-conditioning is recommended for use of the office containers in hot, tropical surroundings. Do you need on especially loud building sites a special noise protection in the container? Also, this is possible with special acoustic ceilings and acoustic walls. If there is in remote areas no local or safe electricity supply, the container can be used completely self-sufficiently by his own stream production by means of the power unit. Besides a helicopter gas-station, for example, it guarantees its supply with kerosene, the suitable container is a safe place for conducting of necessary bureaucracy.

Office containers of all kind are tested and deployed worldwide. As an integrated module for use in a gas-station container, an office is a practical expansion and turns a basic tank container into a complete gas-station unit with an office. Independently and self-sufficiently, the office container offers here enough space for the necessary equipment, for example, with computer, fax, printer – the aggregate supplies the equipment with electricity.