Oil supply system for gas engines

The latest generation of oil supply system – type IDEAL

Oil supply system IDEAL for the supply of fresh oil and disposal of used oil on large gas engines in gas generator systems.

  • These Oil supply systems contain Krampitz-specific 2-way oil pumps (type ZP-G) as well as an electronic safety control for monitoring the oil change processes and the oil storage.
  • The storage tanks are double-walled steel tanks (type TTD) with vacuum leak monitoring.
  • The system covers all requirements of the Federal Water Act.
  • The tanks have building approval from the DiBt.


Lubrication systems for power plants

Diesel and gas engines

Diesel and gas engines continually consume motor oil The professional supply of oil to diesel and gas engines takes place automatically using two oil refill methods.

  1. If the oil level drops below the required level, electronic oil level measurement on the motor opens an inlet solenoid valve on the motor oil pan by means of an electronic refill controller and triggers a delayed start of the oil supply pump on the fresh oil tank. The oil pan is filled directly. When the maximum filling level is reached, the electronic controller stops the fresh oil supply pump and closes the inlet solenoid valve.
  2. In the case of the second supply method, a raised fresh oil day tank is activated between the motor oil pan and the fresh oil tank. This fresh oil day tank has a volume of 100-500 litres and is automatically refilled by the fresh oil pump on the fresh oil tank by means of an electronic refill controller. If the oil level in the motor oil pan drops below the required level, the electronic motor controller opens the inlet solenoid valve and the fresh oil from the raised day tank slowly flows into the oil pan due to static pressure. When the maximum filling level in the motor oil pan has been reached, the inlet solenoid valve closes. Oil refilling is finished. This is a very safe and fault-free method.

Motor oil is changed by the operating or service personnel directly at the machine. The used oil is either pumped by the motor’s own pre-lubricating pump to the used oil tank after the drain ball valves have been opened or an automatic used oil extraction station is installed directly at the machine. This system extracts the used oil out of the motor oil pan after the drain ball valve has been opened and automatically finishes the extraction process by means of a minimum level switch in the used oil extraction station (OSP). Then the drain ball valve on the machine is closed and filling with fresh oil can begin.

The fresh oil pump at the fresh oil tank fills the motor oil pan until the electronic maximum filling level switch switches the fresh oil pump off. Then the system can be switched to normal mode.

Mechanical automatic floater-actuated inlet systems do exist, but they do not work 100% fault-free.