Product Lines Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH

Product lines: gas station container, storage tanks, day tanks

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Product overview

TTE – Day tanks, single walled

TTE-XL – Day tanks XL, single walled

TTD – Day tanks, double walled

KTE – Storage tanks, single walled

KTE-F – Storage tanks, single walled, Freeland

KTD – Storage tanks, double walled

KTD-F Storage tanks, double walled, Freeland

KCD-FL – Subbase tank “Flunder”

KCD Storage tank containers, double walled

CENTAUR® transport tanks and storage tanks, double walled

KCS – SMART gas station containers

KCC – COMPACT gas station containers

KCU – UNIVERSAL gas station containers



Fuel tank depot small

Fuel tank depot / Tank farm / Gas station cluster