Stackable storage tank containers

Stackable storage tank containers for industrial applications

Constructing industrial facilities with container modules

Many industrial manufacturers are faced with a lack of space when they want to expand production. Krampitz has offered exceptionally space-saving, stackable storage tank containers as part of its product range for more than 20 years.

Our specially designed stackable storage tank containers can be single, double, or triple-stacked on top of each other. This system saves installation space and condenses the entire facility into a minimal surface area.

stackable fuel storage tanks stackable fuel storage tanks stackable fuel storage tanks

Cubic tank containers

The cubic design of the storage tank containers maximizes the storage tank volume of each module. This results in a high “packing density” for the entire storage tank stack and a modern, functional industrial design. “Packing density” refers to arranging a large number of modules next to/on top of each other in a small space.

Our stackable storage tank containers have a high load-bearing capacity of over 200 metric tons, thanks to a specially reinforced side panel with integrated load-bearing supports.

stackable fuel storage tanks stackable fuel storage tanks stackable fuel storage tanks

Steel and stainless steel tank containers

The storage tank containers are manufactured from double-walled steel or stainless steel. Electronic vacuum leak detectors monitor for leaks in the leak monitoring chamber between the two walls.

All tanks have special recesses in the end wall to allow for full access via a domed hatch. The filling, suction, and ventilation systems are also located there, as are the electronic displays for the contents.

The concrete foundation of the container installation area must be suitable for heavy stacked loads.

stackable fuel storage tanks stackable fuel storage tanks stackable fuel storage tanks

Versions of the Krampitz stackable storage tank containers

There are two main versions of the stackable storage tank containers: the 20ft HighCube with approx. 25,000 liters of volume, and the 40ft HighCube with approx. 55,000 liters of volume per tank. Ladders, stairs and walkways can be added to these storage tank containers, depending on the intended application.

To round out the product range, open container platforms and housings from our KCU Series can be used for installing pumps, filters and switchboards.

The Krampitz stackable container system allows industrial planners and plant manufacturers to simply and effectively place and stack entire production systems – like a modular storage system. You can plan more volume in less space. So with cubic stacking tanks from Krampitz we have arrived at the modern industry standard instead of planning previous tank farms consisting of horizontal cylindrical tanks (DIN 6616).

Building with Krampitz: secure, compact, modern.