Stackable tank containers

Stackable tank containers

A large amount of space is required for storage tanks. This is a problem for many producers. Not enough space? – Then Krampitz has the solution: Stackable tank containers. This enables storage tank containers to be stacked two, three or even four times on top of eachother.

Storage tank with a cubic design

The cubic construction of the storage tank containers allows a maximum of storage tank volume per module. This results in a high packing density for the whole stackable-tank farm as well as an optical and functional industrial design.

High load capacity of stacking storage tank containers

The high load capacity of our stackable storage tank containers of up to 240 tons results from specially reinforced side walls. With integrated supports.

Stackable Storage Tank Containers: Equipment

These storage containers can be extended as required with ladders, steps and walkways. All tanks are fully accessible through special niches in the front wall via the respective manhole entrances. The filling, suction and ventilation systems as well as the electronic content displays are also positioned here.

Krampitz container stacking system

With the Krampitz-Container stacking system industrial planners and plant constructors are able to connect and stack entire production plants easily and effectively- similar to the modular storage system. Wind bracing, which absorbs and dissipates the wind force, ensures high stability.

Container stacking systems from Krampitz: Space-saving, modern, compact and safe. Krampitz Tank system – cubically good.