Stacking systems

Stackable storage tank containers for industrial applications. Many producers in the industry have space problems when expanding production. Krampitz has had particularly space-saving, stackable storage tank containers in its range for more than 20 years.

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Industrial plant construction with container modules

We provide specially designed ones Stack storage tank containers single, double or triple on top of each other.
This system saves installation space and bundles the entire system construction in a minimum of space.

KCD-ST-HC – Stackable tank containers

Storage tank container UNIVERSAL as a 2, 3 or 4-fold stack where space is limited, double-walled for professional applications.

KCD-ST-HC – Stackable tank containers
PropertyEnvironmentTransportSetting up the BoxVideo
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E3 cleaned and transportable


KCD-ST - Stackable tank containers
ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolumeTotal lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
KCD-ST-20-HC-GROUND-DZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-40-HC-GROUND stacking tank systemKCD-ST-40-HC-GROUND-DZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-20-HC-TOP-DZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-40-HC-TOP stacking tank systemKCD-ST-40-HC-TOP-DZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-20-HC-GROUND-EXZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-40-HC-GROUND stacking tank systemKCD-ST-40-HC-GROUND-EXZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-20-HC-TOP-EXZ-38.12 312
KCD-ST-40-HC-TOP stacking tank systemKCD-ST-40-HC-TOP-EXZ-38.12 312

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