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Containerplattform für CENTAUR-3000 (1)


CENTAUR-3000: Diesel, petrol, and kerosene tank systems on container platforms 20ft open container platforms equipped to hold 3,000 litre tanks 20ft open container platforms with a machine room welded to the face This unit is used for the direct on-site refuelling of vehicles, construction machinery and generators. Helicopters and smaller aircraft ... Read More
3. May 2022krampitz.de
Krampitz Containervariante 1x 5ft + 1x 10ft + 1x 5ft = 1x 20ft


Modern industrial machine and plant construction with preassembled machine and plant containers for worldwide exportKrampitz ISO container platforms make for optimal installation of machines and plantsA key focus of the German export industry is machine and plant construction. In addition to the Arab states, Russia, Africa and Latin America, the ... Read More
20. April 2021krampitz.de