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Zweikammertank thermoisoliert Diesel und Harnstoff (1)


Thermally insulated two-chamber tank KTD-F-7500 Special Two-chamber tank thermally insulated Tank chamber 1 approx. 5000 liters of diesel Tank chamber 2 approx. 2000 liters of urea Double-walled tank body with static vacuum leak detector Since the insulated outer skin is very sensitive to pressure, our thermally insulated tanks are equipped with ... Read More
11. July 2022krampitz.de
Diesellagertank als Notstandstank (1)


Diesel tank container KTD-F-20000 thermally insulated with protective cabinet and installed Z-PK pump combination for automatic daily tank filling. The electric leak detector is installed in a protective housing on the tank roof, including a horn for an acoustic alarm. This diesel tank serves as an emergency tank farm in preparation for ... Read More
5. July 2022krampitz.de
Containerplattform für CENTAUR-3000 (1)


CENTAUR-3000: Diesel, petrol, and kerosene tank systems on container platforms 20ft open container platforms equipped to hold 3,000 litre tanks 20ft open container platforms with a machine room welded to the face This unit is used for the direct on-site refuelling of vehicles, construction machinery and generators. Helicopters and smaller aircraft ... Read More
3. May 2022krampitz.de