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Quo Vadis PKW Tankstelle Schema 3


Quo vadis, petrol station: Where are you going? The evolution of the car led to the invention of petrol stations. In the early days, refuelling was done with a hand pump and glass bulb meter; later, electric pump systems with flow meters became popular. This gave rise to the pumps we ... Read More
30. December 2021krampitz.de
stackable fuel storage tanks (4)


Stackable storage tank containers for industrial applications Constructing industrial facilities with container modules Many industrial manufacturers are faced with a lack of space when they want to expand production. Krampitz has offered exceptionally space-saving, stackable storage tank containers as part of its product range for more than 20 years. Our specially designed stackable ... Read More
9. February 2021krampitz.de


Tanks and Fuel Systems for Mechanical Engineering The Correct Media for Each Process State-of-the-art mechanical engineering is dependent on the permanent and reliable supply of media of various kinds. Lubricants, fuels, coolants and more recently also additives to exhaust gas cleaning shall be available locally and always in sufficient quantities. When there is ... Read More
19. December 2016krampitz.de