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double-walled high-cube storage tanks for large power plants


Special double-walled high-cube storage tanks for installation in large power plants Storage tank container for storing the media glycol cooling water, fresh oil, used oil, urea and as a service tank. Heavy version Floor pan Forklift pockets double-walled made of steel
6. April 2021krampitz.de
Krampitz DIBt Zulassungen Info


Division of the Krampitz storage tank series into approvals Z-38.12-23 and Z38.12-312 Notice sheet: Restructuring of our previous DIBt approval Z-38.12-23 for double-walled steel storage tanks, as well as the presentation of our new DIBT approval Z-38.12-312 for double-walled steel storage tanks with and without ISO container frames for extreme as ... Read More
15. July 2020krampitz.de