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Diesel cleaning station


In warm regions of the world, microbial infestation of fuel stores repeatedly leads to major damage to internal combustion engines in machines, generators and aircrafts. To blame is the problem of diesel plague. The interaction of microbiology, high outside temperatures and condensation in the fuel leads to the rapid growth of ... Read More
15. December 2022krampitz.de
Steel diesel storage tank with thermal insulation


Double-walled steel diesel storage tank with thermal insulation The KTD-F-96 is a double-walled steel storage tank with thermal insulation for the storage of diesel. The diesel storage tank is used to supply Black Start diesel generators within large data centers (cloud providers). This tank has a smaller storage volume due to the external ... Read More
7. April 2022krampitz.de
Hochsicherheitstankanlage mit Kraftstoffreinigungssystem (1)


High security tank system with fuel cleaning system for large emergency power systems as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
17. November 2017krampitz.de