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UNITI expo May 14-16.05.2024, XNUMX

Visit us from May 14.05th to May 16.05.2024th, XNUMX at UNITI expo | Stuttgart Trade Fair! We advise directly on site on topics such as gas station containers, stacking containers, urea tank containers!

HVO 100 Diesel in Germany, forecast and filling station network

HVO 100 Diesel, also known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil 100,…

UNITI expo May 17-19.05.2022, XNUMX

Krampitz at UNITY expo 2022 Visit us from May 17.05th to May 19.05.2022th, XNUMX…
tank container KCU

Tank container KCU

Tank container series KCU “Universal” The universal filling stations…
tank container KCC

Tank container KCC

Tank container series KCC “Compact” The compact filling stations…
tank container SMART

Tank container KCS

Tank container series KCS “Smart” The smart filling stations are…
Krampitz tank container series

Tank containers: Smart, Compact, Universal

Krampitz tank container series: Smart, Compact, Universal...
Krampitz series of gas station containers

Gas station container series

Gas station container series presentation concept: Krampitz gas station container…
Krampitz tank container with roof structure and lighting

The future of gas stations

The future of gas stations is unmanned gas station containers built...
Krampitz gas station container universal

Krampitz gas station container

Krampitz gas station containers Why is the topic of gas station containers...
Gas station container

Container filling stations

Krampitz has been producing petrol station modules in container format since 1998.…

Filling station type MINOTAUR® 40ft. – Tankpool24

Gas station container made of steel S 235 JR, vacuum leak monitored, for storing diesel and urea solution, automatic filling station for unmanned operation

Double-walled gas station containers in ISO dimensions

Minotaur gas station containers are characterized by their robustness, high level of security and quick, uncomplicated assembly. Equipped with extensive international approvals, they can be used in all areas of professional fuel supply.

Krampitz gas station containers, office and shop containers in Saudi Arabia

Gas station container from Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH again after…

Self-sufficient gas station containers presented at Automechanisa 2012

More than just tanks Company portraits Krampitz tank system…