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Steel urea storage tank, urea storage tank, steel tank for urea


Steel urea storage tank with thermal insulation Steel tank for urea storage (KTD-F-UR) with a volume of 40,000 liters with urea-resistant inner coating and outer thermal insulation Two anchoring eyelets are visible on the front sides for secure attachment during transport. Square eyelets on the tank roof and forklift pockets ... Read More
8. April 2022krampitz.de
Steel diesel storage tank with thermal insulation


Double-walled steel diesel storage tank with thermal insulation The KTD-F-96 is a double-walled steel storage tank with thermal insulation for the storage of diesel. The diesel storage tank is used to supply Black Start diesel generators within large data centers (cloud providers). This tank has a smaller storage volume due to the external ... Read More
7. April 2022krampitz.de
Ueberflutungssicherer Diesel-Lagertank


Flood-proof diesel storage tank type 40ft HC-HW This diesel storage tank is a flood-proof design for installation in flood-prone areas in the Rhine Valley. The heavy duty alcove lock door is a watertight design and is designed to withstand at least 6 meters of water level from flooding. The entire tank ... Read More
25. March 2022krampitz.de
Lagertank 1000 Liter Harnstoff (4)


Storage tank KTD-F 1000 liters of urea The smallest member of the KTD-F storage tank family 1000 liters of urea Stainless steel tank Pneumatic content display New type of overfill protection 2 inch motorized ball valve: automatic filling from the central storage tank and automatic shut-off of the tank after the ... Read More
23. August 2021krampitz.de
KTD-F 30000 Liter Heizoel Lagertank (3)


Krampitz storage tank type KTD-F 30000 special with thermal insulation On the left and right of the tank walls, underneath the roof, there are two anchoring eyes each for attaching tension belts during transport. On the roof there are massive crane eyes welded into the side wall. An equipment niche is positioned ... Read More
15. March 2021krampitz.de
oversized storage fuel tank


Oversized tank modules with volumes of approx. 75,000 to 100,000 liters for fuels and oil Krampitz produces aboveground storage tank containers in ISO container dimensions of 10 feet to 40 feet HighCube as standard. These storage tank containers have a CSC container frame with twist-lock corner fittings. Volumes in this standard range ... Read More
3. November 2020krampitz.de


KTD-F tank, diesel, 20,000 liter storage tank for earthquake zone 1 Diesel storage tank with pump combination and thermal insulation for outdoor installation Leak detector with protective housing electr. Tank heating with temperature control heavy ground mounting flanges for earthquake zone 1 Forklift pockets embedded in the floor assembly robust crane ... Read More
19. May 2020krampitz.de
Thermoisolierte Tanks (5)


At high and low ambient temperatures, heat insulated storage tanks are an important measure for security of supply to industrial installations as well as to professional gas stations when housing temperature-sensitive media. Pour, Melting and Flash Points of Operating Materials Many media such as fuel and mineral oil as well ... Read More
9. October 2017krampitz.de


Product lines: gas station container, storage tanks, day tanksKrampitz tank containers and storage tanks all prices and price lists in the online shop Product overview Show in the online shop TTE – Day tanks, single walled function wpgridgallery_7_appendcss(csscode) {var head=document.head || document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];var style=document.createElement("style");head.appendChild(style);style.type="text/css";if (style.styleSheet){style.styleSheet.cssText=csscode;} else ... Read More
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BASIS® KTD-F Storage Tank Double Wall Freeland function wpgridgallery_32_appendcss(csscode) {var head=document.head || document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];var style=document.createElement("style");head.appendChild(style);style.type="text/css";if (style.styleSheet){style.styleSheet.cssText=csscode;} else {style.appendChild(document.createTextNode(csscode));}};wpgridgallery_32_appendcss(".html5-description a { color: red; text-decoration: underline; }");wpgridgallery_32_appendcss("#wonderplugingridgallery-32 .wonderplugin-gridgallery-item-text { background-color: rgba(51, 51, 51, 0.8); color: #fff; text-align: center; ... Read More
17. November 2015krampitz.de