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Storage tank for fresh oil and waste oil (1)


Storage tank for fresh oil and waste oil for use as a stacking unit in a gas engine power plant. The fresh oil tank "KTD-6000 Special" below is particularly stable and load-bearing due to the reinforced wall construction. The socket assignment and the DN600 dome entry are positioned on one end. ... Read More
4. April 2022krampitz.de
Oelversorgungsanlagen in Fertigung


- double-walled steel tank - Two-chamber tank
19. March 2021krampitz.de
storage fuel tanks for gas power plants


Double-walled machine tanks for gas power plants (100 MW units) Storage tanks for fresh oil, used oil, urea solution and cooling water Industrial variants with all-round, health and safety-compliant parapets. Pipe connections on the tank roof in flanged design. Special inner coating for a long service life of the storage tanks. ... Read More
1. October 2020krampitz.de
Krampitz Ölversorgungsanlage (4)


Professional lubricant oil supply for large gas engines, diesel engines and large gas compressorsWhy choose professional lubricant oil supply systems? Oil supply systems - overview and prices Krampitz has been building oil supply systems since 1994. Several hundred systems have been produced in this period. Combustion ... Read More
6. November 2019krampitz.de