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Shallow double-walled storage tank container

Flat storage tank container

Flat double walled 40 ft. storage tank container before delivery. Sub base tank for accommodating generators in machine containers, for example...
Storage tank containers as large tank farms

Storage tank containers and tank farms

Storage tank containers and battery tank farms Our storage tank containers…
Stackable storage tank containers

Stackable tank containers

A lot of space is required to set up storage tanks.…
tank container KCU

Tank container KCU

Tank container series KCU “Universal” The universal filling stations…
tank container KCC

Tank container KCC

Tank container series KCC “Compact” The compact filling stations…
tank container SMART

Tank container KCS

Tank container series KCS “Smart” The smart filling stations are…
Krampitz container variant 1x 5ft + 1x 10ft + 1x 5ft = 1x 20ft
oversized storage fuel tank

Oversized tank modules up to 100.000 liters

Oversized tank modules with volumes of approx. 75.000 to 100.000…
fuel tank farm

Krampitz large tank farm – how it works

How does the Krampitz large tank farm work? How is the fuel…
Storage tank clusters

Krampitz large tank / storage tank cluster

Krampitz Large Tank - Storage Tank Cluster for Mining, Industry,…
Fair in Bosanski Brod

Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH at the trade fair in Bosanski Brod

“Hands-on information” about storage tanks and tank containers…
Storage tank containers – double-walled tank containers

Storage tank containers – double-walled tank containers

The double-walled storage tank containers are the ideal addition to the mobile gas station container system, allowing the tank depot to be expanded practically indefinitely.