Tank container KCC

Tank container series KCC “Compact”

  • The compact filling stations are our middle class model. Suitable for company filling stations or simple commercial filling stations, for example on little-traveled routes in quieter, rural regions.
  • The tank body is cubic, double-walled made of steel and sits in a ISO container frame.
  • On one long side there is a transfer pump niche – a gas pump niche – and an electric niche.
    This is where the central control is positioned. In addition, the back office can be set up here: Computer – remote transmission modules or camera system.
  • On the roof are the connection flanges for the filling and extraction pipes. In addition – covered under fully lockable hood elements – the manhole entrances and the tank fittings. There is one hood element per tank chamber.
  • The compact filling stations are available in 20 ft and 40 ft. models. Each as a single-chamber and two-chamber version. The volume with the 20 ft filling station in the single-chamber version is approximately 22,000 liters. In the two-chamber version: 8,000 and 14,000 liters.
  • With the 40 ft filling station, the single-chamber version volume is approximately 60,000 liters and the two-chamber version: 15,000 and 44,000 liters.
  • The compact filling stations can dispense diesel, heating oil, gasoline, kerosene and Avgas.
  • The robust design guarantees a long service life. In addition – thanks to ISO dimensions – easy transport by truck or container ship.
  • With annual maintenance and professional service – 30 years lifespan at least.