Tank container KCS

Tank container series KCS “Smart”

  • The smart filling stations are our smallest filling stations. Perfectly suited for simple use, for example as a company filling station. Or as a factory yard filling station.
  • Simple, functional structure, cubic tank body, double-walled, made of steel.
  • The floor assembly consists of robust box profiles. There is no surrounding ISO transport frame here.
  • The equipment niche is in the front wall. This is where the electronic vacuum leak detector sits. Also, additional devices such as generator, shelves, pumps or dispensers can be installed here.
  • Mounted on the roof  above the connection flanges and the manhole entrance is a compact, lockable hood element.
  • Smart filling stations are only available as a single-chamber system, in 5 volume variants: 5,000 liters, 10,000 liters, 20,000 liters, 30,000 liters and 40,000 liters. For diesel, gasoline, adblue, engine oil, waste oil or kerosene.
  • The dimensions of a smart filling station are perfect for transportation by truck. Placing into an HC-freight container is also possible.
  • This also guarantees problem-free transport by container ships.
  • With annual maintenance and compliance with the service intervals, the service life of the tank shell is at least 30 years.