boat gas station

MINOTAUR® Container gas station as a boat petrol bunker station

Marina Tank Station / Bunkerstation with ISO-compatible container measurement

Krampitz Minotaur Tank Containers are known for high safety, toughness and fast assembly. They dispose of extensive international approvals and are utilised in any field of professional fuel supply.

The Minotaur boat gas station is planned to be used in harbours, respective in Yacht harbours in inland waters and seaside and ensures for each season of the year the filling of all kinds of ships, boats, and yachts. The bunkerstation / gas station for boats can float on pontoons if required, so that changing tides can be problem-free adjusted to. The heart of the system is formed by a container in which all the fittings and operating panels are included next to the fuel. The gas pumps niches are laid out with a non-slip coating and have a niche illumination, shut-off device and a fire distinguisher at their disposal.

A Minotaur bunkerstation can be filled either way with gas or diesel. The integrated gas pumps serve all requirements in regard of simple installation, easy handling, problem-free repair, operational reliability and ergonomically operation, under normal as well as extreme climate circumstances. The conveyor capability of these gas pumps lies between 50 and 120 litres per minute.

The double wall, cubic construction is the characteristic feature of this yacht respective boat gas station. It not only grants high security, but enables an effective utilization of space too. Fittings, control elements and operating panels are placed safe and splash-proof in niches, while simultaneous internally in plant elements are withdrawn from unauthorized access.

The outside cover of the tank container made of steel (S235 JR) is protected by a 2-K paint (in almost all RAL tones) from corrosion, while the inner wall/ interior tank is raw and oiled. Optionally the interior tank can be also provided with a protective coating against corrosion and aggressive media.

Because the Marina Tank Station has ISO-compatible container mass and is normally featured with ISO-container corners, the transport is secure and simple to manage. Loading by crane is possible by implication. The lifting accessories/ cran gear must therefore be fastened in the four upper ISO-container corners of the bunkerstation container. It is to be seen compelling to the fact that a transport of the container is permitted only in the emptied, cleaned and degassed state.