Container Tank Safety Concept

MINOTAUR® Container tank safety concept

Optimal protection of the fuel by means of vacuum leak monitor

The MINOTAUR ® storage tank container is a cubic, double-wall construction. The design is so constructed that the tank container unites the positive qualities of conventional tank systems as well as the ISO-container systems in itself. These are especially:

  • high-static firmness by means of constructive design of the Tank Container
  • highest security by means of double-wall construction
  • optimal space capacity ratio due to cubic building form
  • vacuum leak monitor

Krampitz tank systems safety concept

container safety concept 01

Safety concept for Double Wall Tanks, safety from gasoline spill by means of vacuum leak monitor – vacuum leakage indicator, electronic, the alarm is displayed optical and acoustical (with isolated alarm contact), intrinsically safe leak detection system. Mandatory requirements of water law equipment for double wall tanks with existing permanent electric supply 230 V, 50 Hz.

The leakage indicator triggers a constant low-pressure in the monitored room of the tank and triggers the alarm by underpressure drop. The alarm is displayed optical and acoustical and is provided by an isolated alarm contact. Application for noninflammable liquids for temperatures between -25°C and +50°C.


Conventional Safety Concepts from other providers

container safety concept 02

Safety concept of tanks single wall in containers, protection from fuel leakage by means of leak monitoring, electronic probe in leak monitor room (catch sump), not intrinsically safe. Safety-related equipment for remote recognition of liquid leakages. Secure against leakages from tank, but no permanent supervision of the density of the catch sump.

The problem: If after several years a spot of the collecting tray is corroded or by damage from the outside, it will not be noted. If the case arises that the inside container has a leckage, the liquid can resign unhindered in the environment – an environmental damage.