Gas station container with aggregat and office

MINOTAUR® Gas station container with aggregat and office

The double-walled station container with office space and aggregate as mobile fueling station

MINOTAUR the mobile fueling station with office features due to its cubic design especially through optimum use of space, high security and easy transport from. Depending on the version of the tank holds 11,000 or 36,000 liters. With the integrated office space for the operating personnel of the container provides a complete, portable tank unit, which can be extended at virtually.

Construction of the tank container
The construction follows the same standard ISO dimension as the other modules also MINOTAUR at the station container with refrigeration unit and office. This has great advantages in combining multiple container units and also already in transit. Thus, for example, the gas-station up to eight-fold stack and can be spent in this way, stable and space saving at their respective location anywhere.

No matter where in the world, a mobile tank container is required with office space: The MINOTAUR Tank containers are proven systems in areas with poor infrastructure and provide reliable service in demanding climates and harsh environments. Different functional niches accommodate inter alia the pump, the technical equipment and the diesel generator with 5 kW of power for a self-contained power supply. Especially in hotter regions of the sun roof provides effective protection against overheating of the tank container.

Mobile fueling station – The equipment
The roof of this mobile fueling station is a single-walled tank, self-supporting structure, including the the hole DN 650, fishing rods against lightning strikes, a sealing hood with gas spring, various connection points and the vent houses.

Along side two niches are located on the tank-container with aggregate, which have different functions. The filling niche is about 800 mm wide, 650 mm deep and 2000 mm high and with a filling tube with matching piping and a pump for the transfer of 650 liters per minute. These lights come with the switch and the shutter door.

In the somewhat larger functional niche with 2000 mm width, 1000 mm deep and 2000 mm height, the leak detector, the pump for gasoline or diesel pipeline component and a capacity of about 80 liters per minute are stored. In addition, here are a lighting switch, a fire extinguisher and emergency stop switch.

The office space has room for the operators of the gas station and is equipped with an air conditioner, a lockable door and a window (optional mirrored). For this, the lighting, electrical distribution and control system come.

High safety thanks to double-wall construction
The container has a double wall construction from the robust material S 235 JR, which effectively protects against accidental fuel discharge. For the best security a vacuum leak monitoring is integrated into the mobile station. If the container is damaged recognizes the electronic leak detector vacuum the vacuum decay and ensures that both visually and acoustically alarm is triggered.