Helicopter Gas Station

MINOTAUR® Gas station container as a Helicopter Gas Station

Mobile tank containers in use as a helicopter fueling station

Mobile tank containers from Krampitz correspond not only to the highest security guidelines, but they are robust and mounted fast. By a huge number of international authorisation mobile gas-station containers from Krampitz are suitable for the most different areas of the professional supply with fuel. Because the enterprise is not content with the up to now achieved standards, a sum is invested yearly at the rate of 15 to 20 percent of the whole annual turnover in research and development. By these continuous measures for the optimisation of quality and security Krampitz tank containers received as the only product the approval from the German Institute of Civil Engineering to store highly inflammatory liquids in tanks with a capacity of 40,000 litres above surface.

Due to the special approvals the Minotaur tank container of Krampitz are very well suited for the application as a helicopter gas station. The possibility to store the fuel above the surface, which the helicopter needs to refuel, allows the installation of the helicopter gas-station within a very short period. If a suitable starting-plate with liquid separator was already established, the assembly of the gas-station for helicopter takes only a day. Also location changes or enlargements of the capacity of the tank containers can be carried out without much expenditure.

Minotaur tank containers are volume-optimised and are constructed as double-walled systems. The container is conceived as a system module with integrated equipment niche. Petrol pump, filter systems, electricity generators and the electric control of the tank unit are integrated parts of this system modul. The petrol dispensers with counting mechanism and prize display show an output of 45 up to 120 litres per minute. They are available as non-calibrated arrangements for personal use as well as a calibrated version for retailers. The high flow rate which is offered by the special petrol dispensers allows a speedy refuelling of helicopters of all dimensions. If different fuels are required to the refuelling of the airplanes and helicopters, the possibility exists of the installation of a petrol disperser which is able to spend petrol and kerosene from the for that designed tank containers.

Aviation gas station as airplane and helicopter filling station

The volume capacity of these special containers range from 20,000 litres up to a volume of 60,000 litres. The approval of the mediums stored in the containers comprises diesel, Avgas, aviation fuel, kerosene, petrol, biodiesel and bioethanol. The refuelling of the aviation gas station containers takes place by tank wagon filling connection DN 50 – DN 80, safety instruments for tankers with onboard pumping system which provide for a safe filling of the containers. European and international demands are fulfilled by the application of ATEX to admitted components.

To the further security-relevant signs within the scope of the service of the tank unit counts a tank place illumination of the fuelling area by night and a slide-restraining ground coating of the tank niche.