Tank farms

Tank farms

Large tank farm for mining, industry and power plants. Effective fuel supply for the really big ones. Transport and assembly are extremely easy thanks to the containerized design and standardized equipment.

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Large tanks as tank batteries / large tank farms

Large tank container for use as a large tank system

The innovative container solutions from Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH guarantee the highest level of safety and are at the same time functional, versatile and robust. They act as mobile gas stations, tank farms and transport tanks for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, bioethanol, biodiesel and vegetable oil. The tank and container systems have comprehensive national and international product certifications and have proven themselves in worldwide use for years.

Large tank farm small

The standard series of the Krampitz large tanks can be used either as a complete filling station for trucks, cars and diesel locomotives or for boats and yachts. Also an upgrade to Airfield fueling station for small aircraft and helicopters is possible without any problems. In addition to these standard versions, there are also custom-made versions in which filters, pumps and dosing systems can be integrated as required. Highly complex system modules can be manufactured by welding additional partitions into the tanks.

Large tank farm battery

Thanks to their characteristic cubic shape, they offer Tank containers / storage tank containers an optimal ratio of space and content. Every corner of the installation room can be used ideally and no space is lost. Thanks to the ISO-compliant dimensions of the tanks, transport by road, rail or ship is simple and cost-effective. Thanks to ISO container corners integrated as standard, the large tanks can be easily loaded and reloaded using a crane. So you can e.g. For example, complete tank farms can be shipped to Africa and transported from the destination port by truck to the respective location.

Large tank as a container filling station for mining

Many locations are in difficult regions where there are no paved roads. That's why special tank and container units were developed, for example Mining in Africa be used. These mining areas are often only accessible via unpaved roads where there is no installed gas station.

In addition, the routes would be far too long to fill the fuel tanks of the construction machinery using conventional supply vehicles. Mobile filling station containers are also used in Africa to facilitate supplies in mining regions. The construction machinery on site reaches the filling station faster than a supply vehicle could get to the construction machinery. In addition, more can be stored than a tanker truck can distribute.

However, it is more than just one Gas station containers in mining necessary to supply the huge mining vehicles with fuel. This offers the opportunity to connect the tank containers with each other and thus build a large tank depot with a capacity of, for example, 2.000.000 liters. This means that an adequate supply of individual filling stations and the vehicles connected to them can be guaranteed directly on site.

Another advantage of using gas stations and storage containers is their reusability. They can be moved quickly and easily when emptied and are therefore always where they are needed. This results in significant cost savings. In this way, it is also avoided from the outset that residues remain at temporary locations that could later pose a threat to the environment.

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