Tanks and filling system solutions

Tanks and filling system solutions

Modern state-of-the-art tanks and filling system solutions for liquid fuels, mineral oils, bio oils, chemicals, alcohol, ethanol, and pharmaceutical products

The container industry has been dominated by plastic IBCs for the past 25 years. These were cheap and effective, but not safe. This led to several fires in industrial plants and – even worse – extreme pollution. Environmental catastrophes on Europe’s motorways and country roads as a result of collisions involving IBCs were all too common.

These days we know that this technical storage and transport solution is proven to be unsafe and it poses a huge risk to humanity. We need to make use of alternative technical solutions.

Krampitz has over ten years’ experience in the construction of storage container tanks.

Filling plants process a wide variety of volumes and media, usually with rapidly changing equipment. In addition to standard products, custom applications are becoming more popular and rapid than ever before. Intelligent and safe storage tank solutions are needed for these.

The biggest issue for storage tanks is space

If installing a storage tank, you need to be as economical with space as possible. The simplest solution is to install stacked storage tanks on one of the factory walls. When installed in a production hall, there is no need for thermal insulation or heating the tank chambers. Set up outdoors to save space within the hall.


Storage tank container with integrated filling system

The use of filling modules is ideal for rapid changeovers or for the additional manufacture of new products. For this purpose, the range at Krampitz includes our model KCD-MA, a storage container with a built-in machine room. A filling line is installed in this machine room. The tank container and filling system thus combine to form a module that can easily be transported by larger forklifts if empty.


Filling system directly on a flat tank container

Our model KCD-FL, another filling module solution, involves the installation of a filling line on a flat tank container. Depending on the design, this tank solution has a weight capacity of up to 60 tonnes, making it an excellent module for production.


Using these tank modules, manufacturing can also be set up outside of a factory hall. A load-bearing foundation is required as a base for our KCD-FL storage tank. A machine container is mounted on the tank, and the filling system is installed inside.

Large stack tank systems

The construction of larger stacked tank systems is ideal for higher volumes and diverse media. These consist of single-chamber, two-chamber and three-chamber designs. These special stacking containers can be assembled with up to four units on top of each other. Several of these stacks can be placed next to each other. The correct foundation and execution are critical for such applications.

For volumes above 90,000 litres, large battery storage tanks are used. These can store up to a million litres of fluid. These large tank farms operate fully automatically, filling and emptying each tank chamber in the compound.

Indoor Krampitz tanks are available in steel and stainless steel, accommodating from 1,000 to 90,000 litres. Outdoor Krampitz tank containers are available in steel and stainless steel, accommodating from 10,000 to 90,000 litres.


Tank container leak monitoring

Every tank can be supplied with a single or twin wall and electronic vacuum leak monitoring.

Tank container fire protection coating

As they are double skinned, these tanks conform to water laws. Steel or stainless steel design guarantees 30 minutes of fire resistance, which is certified by our test marking. If you need increased fire protection, our tanks and containers are equipped with a special external fire protection coating. We can therefore offer you the fire resistance categories F60, F90, F120 and F180.

Tank container corrosion protection

We can provide outer corrosion protection up to Level C5-M which meets DIN EN ISO 12944. Krampitz only uses the best quality materials for its coatings. The team at Krampitz also offers high-quality interior coatings, tailored to every application.

Tank container thermal insulation and heating

For temperature sensitive media, our storage tanks and containers can be equipped with thermal insulation. The same applies to a hot water heating coil which can be fitted inside the tank, ensuring the optimum temperature.

Tank container level measurement

The volume or fluid level of tank chambers is measured by electronic ultrasound sensors or hydrostatic pressure sensors.

Each chamber is equipped with an overfill system tailored to the medium it holds.

Safety as standard – Krampitz tank containers

Flame arresters and ATEX certified electrical equipment and fittings are used for tanks containing highly flammable storage media. Krampitz also supplies ATEX certified electronic tank system controls.

The riser protector in single tanks and tank chambers is secured through electric motor ball valves in the suction lines.

Safety railings, access ladders and platforms round off the Krampitz range of container design.

Building approval and statics

All tanks and tank containers bear our test marking which demonstrates compliance with building regulations. Thorough analysis and decades of experience guarantee the safety of our stacking systems.

Krampitz boasts 30 years’ expertise in the construction of safety tanks, international experience with standard and larger tank farms, as well as the supply of over 40,000 units.

Modern production facilities for liquid media must be safe, highly productive, modular and mobile!