Technical requirements by the 44th BImSchV

Technical requirements for generating plants such as combined heat and power units and emergency power systems as set out in the 44th Federal Emission Control Act

The installation requirements that power plant manufacturers and operators are met with are becoming increasingly more complex and difficult to navigate.

44th Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchV)
(Ordinance on medium-sized combustion plants, gas turbine plants and combustion engines)

Since the 44th Federal Emission Control Act came into force on June 1, 2019, engines with a rated thermal input of more than 1 MW must comply with more stringent nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission limits.

The 500 mg NOx cap under the regulation is mostly achieved through the use of SCR catalytic systems and urea.

Combined heat and power unit operators / engine operators / operators of stationary energy systems are often overwhelmed by the regulations they must contend with for technical applications. This is why they choose experienced, successful providers that are well established on the market.

Krampitz has been established on the market for more than 30 years.

  • We manufacture storage tanks, including tank containers from 50 liter to 100,000 liter volumes, in steel and stainless steel and in single and double-wall construction.
  • These tanks and containers carry the quality mark awarded by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Germany’s main body for construction technology. They have been approved for media such as diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, mineral oil and urea solutions.
  • hese approved products are available as tanks or containers, or alternatively, as a complete module with the full range of equipment.
  • Such as a urea container with an integrated SCR catalyzer and an exhaust gas line built onto the container.
  • Our static engines allow us to manufacture extremely resilient as well as space-saving section modules.
  • For many years, our manufacturing portfolio has also included automated lubrication systems for combustion engines.

Krampitz offers turnkey storage tank and container solutions with efficient supply systems for urea, motor oils and fuel. These will help you to satisfy compliance with legal requirements under the Federal Water Act (WHG) and the 44th Federal Emission Control Act, etc. Simple, straightforward, space-saving solutions.


Storage tanks for earthquake (EBZ3) and flood-prone areas

In addition to our urea tanks, we have also been providing tank products designed for earthquake (EBZ3) or flood-prone areas since last year. Double wall storage tanks, for example, can be found at the following link: KTD-F double-walled storage tanks

  • Approved for media including urea, diesel, lubricating oil, used oil, heavy oil and gasoline.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.


Belly tanks

For belly tanks, we work with stack weights of up to 80 t capacity. Belly tanks are units on the roof of a tank that support whole machine systems.

  • We’re happy to share our expertise to help you with planning and offer you extra security for your investment.
  • Choose us and we’ll ensure your work is efficient from start to finish. We are your professional partner for this specialized area.


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