The future of fuel stations

The future of fuel stations are unmanned gas station container

Assembled and connected within a few hours, the system is ready for operation on the same day. And the best is: It works entirely without staff. The fuel station is a fuel terminal.

The customer simply pays with their credit or debit card. Then the amount of fuel paid for is released.

Thanks to the robust Krampitz technology and the high quality of manufacture, the system runs fully accident-proof. Non-stop. Every day. 24 hours.

Everything at the highest level of security. Thanks to the sensors, camera system and central control, the fuel terminal controls itself permanently.

Staff free fuel stations from Krampitz!

In the event of an accident, the system is stopped and the control center informed. Via the camera system, the operator in the control center can check the systems at any time.

Furthermore, the operator receives constant real-time data on the fill level of the tanks and can also, when necessary, control the systems remotely from the control center.

So the setup pays off, especially in sparsely populated areas. Because these fuel stations only cost a fraction of conventional fuel stations.

unmanned gas station container with lighting

The large fuel stations are no longer necessary.

The future belongs to the automatic petrol stations from Krampitz.

Robust, safe and reliable, they work without staff around the clock. Unmanned gas station containers can be set up nearly everywhere with little effort. And can easily be moved to another location. For example, as an above-ground automatic filling station for municipalities / communities.

Krampitz Tank System – cubically good

State-of-the-art German petrol station technology in use in Norway.

petrol station container in norway

Krampitz fuel station container in norway