Transport tanks

CENTAUR® double-walled transport and storage tanks

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Transport tank and storage tank container for diesel, gasoline, kerosene and lubricating oil

From the experience of the first Transport tank-Generation and due to increased user requirements, a new generation of Centaurs was developed that now meets exactly these requirements. Next to the robustness wurden variable loading options and increased Corrosion Protection of floor and roof assembly taken into account.

Centaur tank modules with ISO transport frame

The Centaur modules can be used to create a flexible, stationary fuel supply. Up to 5 Centaur TC-QI-3000F can be mounted on a 20 ft ISO standard transport frame. Thanks to the piping and your own control, it is possible to do so Supply of decentralized aggregates to be used with little equipment. All that is required from the unit is signals about the filling levels of the day tank and the power supply for the tank modules. The Centaur Tank modules can be transported filled and can therefore be used flexibly.

Centaur® transport and storage tank containers – the new TC-QE and QI series

In addition to the still robust construction The roof assembly and floor are now designed to be removable and accessibility for forklifts from all sides is taken into account. The hood element now has one large cathedral entrance for better viewing and cleaning and sufficient space for additional components such as limit indicators, level indicators, pumps, etc. The basic dimensions for Euro pallets on the TC-QE as well as the ISO measurement for the TC-QI were of course adopted from the previous design. This means that optimal transport options can be maintained.

Centaur® double-walled transport and storage tank container

CENTAUR transport tank and storage tank

CENTAUR tank trailer airfield

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