Urea – Krampitz storage tanks

Urea – Krampitz storage tanks

Take the Dread Away From the Diesel

Diesel engines are considered to be one of the worst polluters of the environment. Modern engines with innovative management and high-efficiency emission control must not fear any comparison to their gasoline counterparts with catalyst. By the addition of urea, diesel engines are as clean and environment-friendly as any gasoline engine. Also, the goal of minimizing nitrogen oxide is easily achieved. However, the storage of urea is a challenge that only experts can come to terms with.

A Substance of Future: Urea

Urea Storage Tank ContainerUrea is a non-hazardous and non-toxic chemical compound that occurs in straight form as crystal or powder. As an additive in engines, it is mixed with water and stored in an aqueous solution of 32.5 %. In the engine, urea supports the reduction of nitrogen oxide, and decays having passed through the catalyst in ammonia and water vapor.

The addition of urea is already mandatory for diesel engines in trucks and construction vehicles. This addition is controlled by the engine management system via an additional urea container.

In passenger cars, the mandatory installation of a urea container is only a matter of time. And the greatest environmental polluter – international cargo shipping – can be made eco-friendly by the addition of urea. Today, an emission control system for ships is already possible by the additional installation of urea storage containers.

The same is true for industrial engines or gas engines: Whenever a present emission control is not sufficient, a modern catalyst and a urea container may achieve the desired reduction of nitrogen oxide.

Urea Storage Containers – Consistently Clean Diesel Additive

The challenge to design urea storage containers is not the urea itself, but the water where urea will be dissolved. Urea storage containers have to be protected against rust. Contaminated urea is deadly for the expensive catalyst of a diesel engine.

As a matter of fact, urea incorrectly stored is the most common cause of defects in this component. When a fuel station provider is proven to wrong storage of urea, the result is very expensive costs of recourse. Significantly more critical is contaminated urea in the chemical industry: an incorrect storage may quickly result in damage running into millions. Our urea containers for fuel stations are made of stainless steel. This docile, rust-free and emission-free material remains absolutely neutral towards the sensitive urea.

Stationary or Mobile

Urea Storage ContainerWe produce urea storage containers for any kind of purpose. Our urea containers for fuel stations offer providers and customers maximum safety for always absolutely clean urea. In addition to the standard urea containers for fuel stations, we offer the suitable solution for any stationary or mobile use:

Urea containers for industrial installations fit seamlessly into our proven production of chemical industrial containers. Our production models cover any filling capacity from 50 to 96,000 liters. However, we are well aware of the particular challenge to store and handle urea.

The suitable urea container for the chemical industry can be manufactured in our facility both for the “wet” and “dry” form of urea. When dried, a substantial larger amount of urea can be stored in a urea tank installation combined with a mixing unit. In addition to the wide selection of standard and production models, we produce your urea containers exactly according to your desire. With over 30,000 of sold containers and 25 years of experience, we can meet any challenge.

If the urea storage containers need to be mobile, we also have a number of solutions for you in the assortment. Our containers for urea are modular and can be combined with a variety of existing industrial applications. The urea containers for industrial plants can be assembled just as quickly as be disassembled. The capacity of the urea containers for the chemical industry is of course limited – finally they must always fit on a truck.

Urea Storage Containers

A low-cost serial production of our urea containers allows you to still demand unlimited storage capacity: when a mobile urea container is not sufficient, you may simple stack several containers. The rugged design of our mobile solutions allows multilevel storage modules. You and your customers alike are well taken care of even in temporary projects.

harnstoff-lagertanks-petrochemische-industrieUrea containers pose a special challenge for the petrochemical industry. Urea itself is a completely non-hazardous material, but everything in the vicinity of a petrochemical plant must provide maximum security. Any kind of leaking substance constitutes a risk of accident and thus a risk of fire in refineries, oil depots or paint manufacturing companies.

We tailor the urea containers with particularly high security features. These include, for example, double-walled versions which have proven themselves already in the storage of fuels.

After the Purchase is Before the Service

We don’t leave you alone after the purchase of urea containers and urea storage containers. As one of the leading companies in our industry, the after sales service is very important to us. Whether extension, modernization or repair of legacy equipment, we are always ready to help you with your challenge. Call us, even if you were previously supplied by other manufacturers. We love to convince with the quality and the excellent service for our container solutions.