KC-DM (ROOF MODULE) – gas station container

Additional modules: roof module, price display on two sides, advertising board (LED)

The roof module is used to cover the fueling area of ​​a gas station container.

It offers a headroom of 4500 mm and provides protection from sun, rain and snow. The supporting frame consists of an open container frame which supports the roof structure.

Electronic advertising boards can be installed on the support frames. A surrounding roof attic can be used for advertising purposes.

The roof module is installed on the 10 ft. gas pump platform or on a 40 ft. KCM gas station container.

ViewItem No.AuthorizationdesignationDescriptionDownloadContact
KC-DM-10KC-DM-10CSC approval 1731roof moduleKC-DM roof module supporting frame made of steel as a 10 ft. CSC container frame with assembled roof structure (assembly on site)
KC-PT4-2KC-PT4/2Price board, both sidesPrice board, both sides for up to 4 media. Electronic change of current prices via tank model.
LED KC-AB 2×2LED advertising board, one-sidedElectric LED billboard