KCC (COMPACT) – gas station container

Professional KCC gas station containers with accessories for supplying vehicles, construction machinery and locomotives with liquid media such as fuels, engine oils and urea (Ad Blue).

  • KCC101: Complete gas station module for professional use with one-sided fuel pumps. Double-walled steel body.
  • KCC-202: Single and two-chamber version with a transfer niche to accommodate the refueling connections for the tank truck and an electronic for installing the electrical. Leak detector and the central control.
  • KCC-404: Equipment for use as a naval station or as a helicopter fueling station for kerosene and avgas.
KCC (COMPACT) – gas station container
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KCC (COMPACT) – gas station container
ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolumeTotal lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
KCC-101KCC-101Z-38.12 3127.9002.9912.4382.8964.300
KCC-201KCC-201Z-38.12 31223.0006.0582.4382.8966.400
KCCG-201Z-38.12 31220.1006.0582.4382.8967.100
KCC-202KCC-202Z-38.12 31223.0006.0582.4382.8966.700
KCC-202KCCG-202Z-38.12 31220.1006.0582.4382.8967.400
KCC-401KCC-401Z-38.12 31254.00012.1922.4382.89611.800
KCCG-401KCCG-401Z-38.12 31251.50012.1922.4382.89612.500
KCCOG-401KCCOG-401Z-38.12 31247.50012.1922.4382.89612.800
KCC-402KCC-402Z-38.12 31254.00012.1922.4382.89612.100
KCC-402KCCG-402Z-38.12 31251.50012.1922.4382.89612.800
KCC-402KCCOG-402Z-38.12 31247.50012.1922.4382.89613.100